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Your vents, Wednesday, Aug. 7

* It will be interesting to see if the NRA and conservatives defend the first black man who shoots a white man and invokes the "stand-your-ground" law. I believe I already know the answer to that.

* While the city of Detroit has been declared bankrupt with its public assets put up for sale to the highest private sector bidder, somehow public money will still be found to fund almost half the $650 million cost of a new hockey arena. After all, who cares about the city's residents, so long as sports owners and advertisers can make a profit?

* To all divorced moms: Please quit being so mean and spiteful to your children's daddy and grandparents — the ones who want to be in your child's life. The ones you hurt the most are the innocent children. If it doesn't stop your children will show the effects of these actions one day.

* Labor disputes are not political issues. Any politician who shows up isn't there to support any one side. They're there for a vote-gathering photo opportunity.

* I think the Kanawha County Health Department had better stay and work on their own county. Twice this month I have gone to a buffet in the Southridge area and the "hot" food was ice cold. I guess our inspectors are in Putnam County.

* Ten trips to the Bush ranch in Texas cost taxpayers less money than one of Obama's lavish vacations abroad. That, sir, is apples and oranges when making comparisons.

* This threat of having to close our embassies should be a rude awakening. We need to get our troops out of those countries. We need their support over here.

* Please get more high school soccer coverage. I grew up with football and I love it, but soccer is a booming sport. There is never any coverage besides for GW and Charleston Catholic. I've seen football schedules every day for the past two weeks, but haven't seen any soccer schedules. Please give more soccer coverage.

* In 2014 and 2016 we must start afresh with new faces in government and get rid of the career politicians.

* Virginia Street was smoother before they paved it.

* Don't they make "real" cotton diapers anymore? I'm sorry, but it causes senior citizens to smile when people complain that they cannot afford throwaway diapers. I'm amazed. It is a sad state of affairs when people are too fastidious to wash and reuse cloth diapers.

* While the Congress is taking their five-week break, I wish I could get paid $174,000 a year for working just 179 days. These criminals are beyond comprehension how they can sleep at night. They should be very proud of getting the title of the least-productive Congress ever.

* One of the main constitutional responsibilities of our leaders in Congress is to pay our national bills on time. If they fail that, why else are they in Washington?

* Put the crossword puzzle back in the corner of the page please. It would make me much happier because it is much easier to work the puzzle. Thanks.

* If you didn't have nasty mean people you wouldn't appreciate the good people.

* I want to thank the young boy for trying to help me when I dropped a tray at Multifest. Our young people need to be encouraged.


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