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Your vents, Friday, Aug. 9

* I don't understand Mr. Moss' statement. He said that a black teacher had to drive to Logan County because Kanawha County wouldn't hire them. I had black teachers 56 years ago — when he would have only been five years old.

* Congratulations to South Charleston Post 94 for their win. However, I hope they are taking armed guards with them to Camden, N.J., in that cesspool of a city.

* Every time I hear about a drone strike that kills terrorists and civilians, I can't help but think that I've never heard a liberal explain why you can kill a terrorist, but you cannot water board them. It definitely shows liberal lunacy.

* Of the first four teams that WVU plays this year, three of them have losing records. Come on guys, if you are going to play out of the league, try to play some real teams. Man up, Mountaineers.

* My company's health insurance went up. I called the insurance representative and he said it wasn't caused by Obamacare. It was because my employer cut what he pays and I have to pay the difference. People are blaming Obama, but a lot of the times it is your own insurance company.

* You want more soccer coverage? I just can't get excited by a game in which you play all day and the score is one to nothing.

* I must be naive but I never thought Gov. Tomblin would sign on for disastrous Obamacare.

* Why can't Kanawha County schools keep the Munday Hollow entrance into Sissonville Middle School cleaned up? I'm personally tired of looking at mattresses, couches and car parts. Please either clean it up or put up a gate.

* If you walk your dog on the lower level sidewalk of the Kanawha Boulevard, that is great. But please pick up after your dog so that the area can remain nice for everyone else who walks.

* Isn't it something? The government gets caught red-handed with all of these devices listening in on the American people and then they come up with this deal that there is a fiasco coming up where they are ready to bomb us or something. They are just trying to divert attention away from what they are doing to us.

* The city needs to cut down all of the trees in Kanawha City before someone gets killed.

* Obama says the first and last thing he thinks about every day is jobs. So why are all of the new job openings part-time positions? He is a liar. All he thinks about is golfing.

* Oh, so it is too difficult to fold the newspaper page to the size of your liking to make it easier to work the crossword puzzle. What a yo-yo. I hate crossword puzzles anyway.

* Speaking of diapers, the people who have such a rough time buying them would have an easier time if they would start breaking them from diapers before they are four years old. When we used to wash them we started earlier and had them using the potty by the time they were two and a half years old.

* I'm hoping that poor guy who continually calls in with phony junk about President Bush finally gets a job and makes his mom real happy by moving out of the basement.

* Seriously, people. Would it kill you to use a blinker every now and then?


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