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Your vents, Wednesday, Aug. 14

* Why doesn't Dana Holgerson wear the university's colors instead of black clothing all the time?

* Clean up after your dog when you walk it. You know who you are. We are sick of it.

* I'm not thankful for anything, so there.

* Since Tony Stewart, No. 14, will likely be out for the season, bring up our hero Bobby Dale Earnhardt.

* Clean up the West Side from all of this carrying on.

* I went overseas and fought for my country and then I came home and there's still fighting. What is going on with this world?

* Back in the old days, the coal companies issued miners scrip that was only good for face value at the company store. Now the state is issuing debit cards — same story, new century.

* I agree with the signs saying "impeach Obama." It looks mighty good to me.

* Evan Jenkins did what more Democrats should do. He threw loyalty out the door for the good of our state. He has my vote.

* Obama wanted to borrow another trillion dollars to send kids to college in order to get a degree to sell hamburgers and hotdogs.

* It makes me sick to hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson referred to as reverends. God is love not hate. Their hate shows every time they mention a white person.

* I want to thank the policeman who was at the Boulevard Shoney's on Aug. 8.  My friend is a World War II veteran and we were celebrating his 93rd birthday. The nice policeman took care of our bill. Thank you and God bless you.

* Since the mayor's kid has been busted for drugs, did the DEA go on vacation? We've called them several times about this whorehouse up on Hanna Drive. We've called the police, the paper won't print it and nobody will do anything.

* Why do you want a fence to keep the illegals out? They aren't illegal. We stole Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona from them. And the rest we stole from Native Americans. Lastly, the coal barons stole Mountaineer's property with complicity of a puppet state government.

* We will march in picket lines against our governor if they give birth control to our native deer. Who do these people think they are?

* It would not be appropriate for the U.S. president to appear in a Hollywood production at the very least. Oprah needs to show some respect.

* Ok, so if you think Russia is better than the United States because they are so against homosexuals, then how about they go ahead and outlaw other people? Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. And, by the way, one of the first groups Hitler went against were the homosexuals. Think before you mouth off.

* All former presidents, Democrat or Republican, are addressed as president and then their last name. That is standard practice and courtesy.

* Why would one of the world's richest women even consider buying a $38,000 purse with so many people hungry, homeless and uneducated?

* The DOH and the DEP need to decide which one is responsible for cleaning out the culvert under Interstate 77 so Lakeland Drive will not be flooded every time it rains hard.


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