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Your Vents, Thursday, Aug. 15

* Not all grandmothers can afford to keep their grandchildren for free. Their children have stripped them of all their money for drugs and alcohol. All grandmothers don't live in a life as sweet as yours.

* Why are the people on Derrick's Creek who are busted for meth and marijuana never listed in the paper?

* I voted for John Raese in the past, but now that I see how he is acting about the WVU broadcasting rights, I'm glad he didn't win.

* To the person who wants to cut all the trees in Kanawha City: You should spend the day in the searing hot sun in a hay or corn field and you will change your mind. A shade tree looks awfully good. I know, I've been there.

* Frontier, please stop publishing the phone books through Super Media. Those books look pitiful.

* Are there any business plans for the old Kanawha City Shoney's building?

* There have only been two days of school and already substitute teachers have been called out in Kanawha County. That is where our money is going.

* Arch Moore gave the teachers the biggest raise of anybody in the state's history.  People at Carbide quit Carbide to get teaching certificates and teach because of that.

* You don't know who has a gun anymore. More and more women are armed. They think they have to be for self-protection and I believe the drug culture is responsible for this. We are headed in the same direction as Mexico and South America.

* Doctor's offices need to get better help. I waited two hours in a waiting room because someone forgot to pull my chart.

* Concerning bailing out Detroit, it is time for people, government and companies to start standing on their own two feet. Stop expecting other people to pay for your own irresponsibility.

* Why doesn't the Sheetz chain build in Kanawha County? There is a huge piece of flat land at the Haines Branch Road exit of Interstate 77 North.

* Get rid of the syndicated columnist Robert Samuelson. He is old enough to be my grandfather and every single column is against people getting Medicare when they have worked their entire lives.

* There are help wanted signs in almost every single business in Kanawha County. They are desperate for workers. Get them off their butts and off welfare and make them go to work.

* You people think you've got problems. I've got a neighbor who has a coffin in his living room and he's not an undertaker. Give me an answer for that one.

* I'm sure the left-wing media would exhibit great enthusiasm at the prospect of George Bush being run down by a bull.

* It looks like a local bank is trying to get rid of its older workers and just have the younger generation. The younger workers don't have patience or understand us older customers. They are shuffling the employees and getting their people in position just like the "Obama shuffle."

* If you haven't heard, the monarch butterfly is now considered to be an endangered species.  If you see milkweed, please do whatever you can to preserve it. Can you imagine a world without butterflies? I don't want to.

* After reading Saturday's sports page it appears GW had a better recruiting year than WVU.


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