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Your vents, Monday, Aug. 26

  • It is high time we stopped trick-or-treating. It is just a lot of trouble and expense. It isn't safe for the children or the public anymore. They have parties everywhere so that is the way we should go.

  • How can government employees, senators and congressmen who wrote and passed the health care law be exempt from it? The American public should stop being passive and march on the White House. The government employees should be forced to pay the same as us peasants.
  • I insist upon my Second Amendment rights to have stinger missiles so that I may shoot down the United Nations black helicopters that Obama will soon be unleashing upon the undefended populace of the United States.
  • My dog rides in the front seat of my car with me because I knew there would be someone out there I could aggravate and boy was I right. Where are the stats on how many accidents were caused because a dog was in the front seat of a vehicle? Chew on that, you whiney Democrat.
  • You want to know why you haven't received a raise on Social Security, on your RSDR and the jobs where you work? They are giving it to welfare people who are too lazy to work.
  • Welfare people should be tested for drugs just like those of us who work are tested.
  • Mitch Vingle said in the Sunday Gazette-Mail that West Virginia would exceed expectations. He said the final record would be 7-5. Of the first four games they played, only one team had a winning record - Oklahoma. They should be playing with the big boys.
  • People used to have coffins in their living rooms for one or two days so the family could have friends and others in to visit before they buried their loved ones. This used to be common practice instead of using a funeral home.
  • In Mingo County, the sheriff, deputy sheriffs, policemen and the politicians are all big crooks in the same pot.
  • I think the documents containing all of the details about JFK's assassination should be released to the public for goodness sakes. It was 50 years ago. The CIA may have made a big mistake then, but it is over now.
  • I don't know what Turnpike traffic engineer decided to force eastbound traffic to one lane. Traffic was lined up for nine and a half miles, bumper to bumper. There was no cop in sight and no wreck.  
  • Since Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is so concerned about the health of West Virginians, I wonder what his plan is for the 285,000 West Virginians who don't have health insurance.
  • I'm sure Mr. Medley forgot that the billionaire Koch brothers and big corporations sent "do-nothing-for-middle-class" Capito to the do-nothing Congress in the last election. But I guess that is OK.
  • There is more than enough room for Gov. Chris Christie and all of the other Republicans who want to run for president in 2016. On the Democratic side, we will only have two castoffs from the Obama administration - Biden and Clinton. We must put a Republican in the White House. We can't afford more Democrats.
  • So, the president misspoke about the Gulf Coast. Such a big deal. Have you never used the wrong word in a sentence? It must be nice to be so totally perfect. Try to behave as if you have manners and are a civilized person.


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