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Your vents for Friday, Sept. 6, 2013

  • Regarding the Diamond Department Store, it was wonderful and there will never be another like it. How sad that you had nothing good to say about that wonderful store except saying the lunch counter was segregated. It was wonderful too.

  • I would like to thank the person who turned my charge card in at the Kroger gas pumps Wednesday. You are an honest person and I thank you very much.  I really appreciate it.
  • I think that Florida should pay Mr. Zimmerman because that is the law. Mr. Zimmerman won the case. These black and white nuts down there don't know anything. 
  • The stinking Democrats are behind every dirty thing there is.
  • There are two dogs running lose in the Koontz Drive area of Cross Lanes. They are huge.  One is a shepherd and the other is a mastiff. They are chasing wildlife. They look well-cared for.  They need their owners to handle this.
  • It is truly sad what Syria's government is doing to their citizens. Why is it our business? It is time for the United States to stop policing their entire world and take care of our own citizens.
  • Ollie, we know one thing.  Money does not buy good coaching.
  • I wish CBS would show the score when they broadcast the US Open.
  • I think Tudor's Biscuit has a great idea with the Politician biscuit but they need to expand their menu. They need the Mingo County Politician that is missing the egg that is advertised. Also needed is the Congressional Politician that takes a half hour to get because no one knows what to do or how to make it. Last, they need the Presidential Politician which is nothing but bologna.
  • Voter I.D. is sorely needed to wipe out voter fraud. A prime example of that is when illegal immigrants from all over the country went into their local voting places last November and voted for Obama. It also makes sure that dead people and felons don't vote.
  • From the bad showing against little old William and Mary, I think WVU will have a long year. Their defense is maybe worse than last year even though they now have a year of experience under their belts. Let's see what happens when they play the big boys.  At least we have a guy who can punt which I think will get a lot of work this year.
  • I predict that WVU will go 2 and ten and they'd better be glad they aren't playing Marshall this year.
  • I hope you did not take Pam Arnold's column out of the Sunday paper. If you did, I'm very disappointed. Please bring her back.
  • I think we need to stay out of Syria. It is horrible what they are doing to those people but we need to think about our own self. We are liable to be struck here in the states. Look at the lives it has cost in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The New England Patriots gave Tim Tebow a pink slip, but God has something really great for Tim to do to serve Him. He doesn't need football. He is a motivational speaker, and an author so he will make it.
  • They said that the quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" is attributed to Edmund Burke. Who the heck is Edmund Burke?
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: Edmund Burke was an 18th Century Irish philosopher and longtime member of the British House of Commons.

  • For bombing Syria the United States will gain thousands more enemies. But sending help to the refugees of Syrians in Jordan we will gain thousands of friends. Mr. Manchin and Ms. Capito, listen to this West Virginian speaking. No bombing!

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