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Your vents, Tuesday, Sept. 10

  • The two fools who think that Obama is making our country strong and said people who live paycheck to paycheck don't worry about Obama's vacations must be on the "dole." The one talking about the small reduction in the deficit must be on the dole too.

  • Democrats in the Senate are the obstructionists. The House Republicans send bills to the Democrats, and they are all in the drawer of Sen. Harry Reid.
  • You watch. After Obama goes into Syria and starts a war, Russia will attack the United States and will kick Obama's butt. We will then go back to being individual countries instead of states. Obama brought this on us. Remember, you heard it here first.
  • The Palestinians called off the day of peace talks after the day of violence they started the other day, and now they are trying to put the blame on Israel.
  • To the person who said they should rename Delbarton as Peyton Place: no, no, no. That goes to the state Tax Division located on Smith Street across from Power Park. That is the little Peyton Place.
  • Obamacare isn't a civil right. We will all pay more in taxes and it will go on forever. You can't equate that with the civil rights movement. That is ignorant.
  • Of course the state of Florida shouldn't have to pay for Zimmerman's legal bills. He had close to $500,000 that ignorant people sent to him for his defense fund.
  • Really, the CIA is secretly funded by businesses that make weapons so they can keep stirring trouble spots around the world.
  • I read the Vent Line because I find humor in many of the comments. Someone said Obama was doing a good job and the national debt went up. Am I mistaken to think that a good job would be to reduce the debt?
  • Jan Marino of South Charleston High School, a junior at West Virginia Tech, has been named the co-captain of Tech's basketball team this year. That is the first time in about nine years that an undergraduate has been named co-captain of the basketball team.
  • I don't know if it matters whether a planned terrorist attack or just a raging reaction to news reports brings us to a new war. The resulting deaths are still the same. The same goes for the Benghazi attacks.
  • I am so sick of seeing pictures of dogs swimming in public swimming pools in Kanawha County. It is disgusting. Who wants to swim there after them?
  • Please, someone who has a business degree and lives in West Virginia, come up with new ideas for business and jobs here. We need something besides fast food, coal and government jobs.
  • I don't understand why working people would be opposed to unions and union wages.
  • If 76 percent of food stamps were really used for children, the children wouldn't be going hungry.
  • Dr. King, I am white and I believed in you. I have a dream, too. I dream that all Republicans will be voted out of office. These racists don't believe in Obama and are doing everything they can to undo everything you did for our country.
  • I'm calling in regard to school starting on Aug. 9. I'm sure Ron Duerring or someone close to him was responsible for that. Now they will graduate May 12. Do I send Dr. Duerring a bill for my weeklong cabin up in Lewisburg to take the family to the state fair? Do I send my pool bill to him as well?
  • If parents and teachers would quit worrying what kids are eating and get them out from in front of computers, iPads and video games for a little while, they'd be as healthy as we were when we were kids.
  • You ran two vents last week about the guy who collected welfare, food stamps and child support. I have two questions for you. What kind of medical problems could the gentleman possibly have? And why does he have the children instead of their mother?
  • If you move from Kanawha County, you can have your children go to school during the normal schedule. I'm taking my five children and moving to another county.
  • When words are many, sin is not absent. He who holds his tongue is wise.
  • No, it's not our fight according to the UMWA advertisement. You sponsored and voted for the president and now you are going to have to live with his policies. This means it is killing your business because he is cutting all of your jobs. Thanks for voting for him.
  • In April, my daughter asked for $3,000 to pay legal fees because she was leaving her boyfriend because he was taking steroids. I didn't have it to give. She still will not talk to me and won't let me see my grandchild. Now she wants $6,000. There is no way I can come up with it. What can I do? Do I have any rights?

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