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Your vents, Thursday, Sept. 12

  • I live in the 1500 block of Claire Street in Charleston. I want the people who live on the surrounding areas to know I saw my first coyote last night. If you want your pets to be safe, you'd better keep them inside, especially at night.

  • I can't believe it is the end of summer. For the past three years, I've asked eight different contractors to come and do some work for me. They all promised me an estimate, and to this day I've not heard from even one of them. Are there no contractors left in this city?
  • They found problems in Mingo and Logan counties. Now they need to start working on Kanawha County.
  • After Mingo County gets cleaned up, the feds need to head straight to Roane County. Amen!
  • Who is responsible for $41 million of state funds going to greyhound breeders since 2008? This is crazy and disrespectful to spend taxpayer money on hound dogs. This money could help people. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "going to the dogs."
  • I saw that they are going to paint the windows at the old Staats Hospital. Why don't they paint the pillars and wall over at the train depot so people going through could see them? That would be creative and make it look so much better. A lot of the stations going through to Virginia have nice stations instead of peeling paint like ours has.
  • When the weather cools down and you can leave your windows open, these people in the 700 block of Campbells Creek Drive get out and burn leaves and trash and smoke up the air so much you have to close the windows back.
  • There was a vent about someone who said they were a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and said they pray to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. That person can't be a member of the church because we don't think that way. We believe in Jesus Christ and we know that the almighty God of the universe is His father.
  • If you feel compelled to advise people you don't even know on what to do and where their dog can ride, then I'd say you are the one who has too much time on your hands and your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.
  • If you believe Obama is hard working and can be trusted, then why is he way ahead of any other president in lies, rounds of golf played and most people don't believe he is to be trusted even with a church donation plate?
  • Give Obama a break. He only lies when his lips are moving.
  • Mountaineer Gas has been digging up Slack Street and Hinton Terrace. They have patched the holes on Hinton Terrace but not the big hole down at the bottom of Capital Hill. When are they going to patch that, wintertime?
  • I cannot find bathroom carpet that can be cut to fit and taken up to wash it. It used to be sold everywhere. Does any store sell this now?
  • Mayor Jones should stop dwelling on the Boulevard and should start cleaning up crime in the city. Teenagers who vandalize, shoot and stab should have their names printed and be held accountable for their actions.  
  • Now Obama is saying he didn't say the "red line." I heard him say it on television. This is the most lying president we've ever had.
  • U.S. politicians don't have the backbone to vote no to Obama sending troops to Syria. They need women to run the country because they wouldn't take nothing from Obama.
  • It won't do any good to cozy up to Russia. If you read Ezekiel 38 and 39, you'll find out about Gog and Magog. Russia is Magog and will be a big player in the battle of Armageddon.
  • What is the use for us men to go over there and fight for another country and then when we come back home there is no freedom and nothing for us to come back to?
  • For the young man who mooned his girlfriend at the Kanawha City Lowe's, when his girlfriend asked him to pull up his pants, I want to thank them for my biggest laugh of the day.

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