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Your vents for Friday, Sept. 20, 2013

  • It is time to move the Bluefield Coal Show to Charleston where they can handle parking. I drove 120 miles to attend the show today to find I couldn't park at the show. If they can't handle the crowd, it is time to move the show.

  • Why doesn't anyone ask where the chemical weapons came from and who made them? Why is it allowed - giving them to our enemies? It doesn't make sense.
  • Where are people getting their driver's licenses these days? No one seems to know the law. There is no constant right turn on red law. Read the law and learn you may turn right on red after coming to a full stop. If the coast is clear, then you can go.
  • Kanawha County has some great lawyers. Some surrounding counties need to have their lawyers take some lessons from them.
  • Please explain the seat belt law. Are school buses exempt from this? Are city buses exempt? Only the drivers use seat belts. Please explain this.
  • It is idiotic for Appalachian Power customers to have to pay part of a large company's power bill. They should stand on their own or go out of business. This should not be happening.
  • I have to comment on the person who says that knives, as well as guns, should be banned. If you want to kill someone, you can even use a screwdriver. Should we ban those too?
  • How can those cops use a church bus to make an arrest? Haven't they ever heard of the separation of church and state? I think those folks who got arrested should sue them for violating the Constitution.
  • If Coach DeForest is found guilty as charged, which it sounds like he is, he should be fired immediately. He is way overpaid at $500,000 a year. His bad defensive coaching cost us at least three games last year. Please get rid of this clown and get a new coach for our special teams.
  • Now that WVU is smart and in the Big 12, start using the proper terms. WVU used to be a good team, they were a good team. They never will be again, just watch and see. It will be just like Marshall joining Conference U.S.A.
  • While some complain about the dog swim at the pools, you need to realize humans are an incubator for far worse diseases, infections and germs for you to swim in.
  • Morning Star people should be ashamed for not doing the right thing. The law is the law. If they can bust the meth heads, more power to them.
  • I think it is awful that Tolley's Bible Book store at Southridge closed. It was so handy there, and they had so many nice things.
  • If Interstate 79 had been a toll road going to Morgantown, those tolls would have been taken off a long time ago. We surely wouldn't want to inconvenience Mountaineers fans going to a game. But they just keep them on for people going south on the Turnpike. The poor just have to keep paying apparently forever.
  • Vote Republican if you don't like unions, like being an industrial slave for what they want to pay you, like no child labor laws, like no benefits, like no Social Security, no minimum wage, no Medicare, no Medicaid, like no vacations, like no affordable health care. It is the only way.
  • If anyone thinks it is right to raise and tame deer and then sell them to be killed, it is wrong. People need to get their priorities straight. The man in the paper who said that is what he does is wrong.
  • How much money did anti-gun billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg raise for anti-gun Sen. Joe Manchin during Bloomberg's $10,000-a-plate benefit dinner for the senator from West Virginia?
  • I sure know not to attend a church that votes out a pastor who cleans up a drug area. Those church members who do that should be ashamed, and they will be explaining to the Lord.


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