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Your vents, Tuesday, Sept. 24

  • The Lizon family has taken up quite a bit more than their allotted 15 minutes. Let's move on.

  • A sincere thanks to the couple walking on Kanawha Boulevard the  morning of Sept. 1. They came to the aid of two senior ladies involved in a car accident at the intersection of Greenbrier Street and the Boulevard. They checked to be sure we were OK, directed us to move our cars to safety and called police. They were such a blessing for two very upset old ladies, even offering to take us home after the police reports were taken care of. We will be forever grateful.   
  • The Charleston Daily Mail has done a wonderful job of the color photos of the majorettes of the Majorette Festival.
  • If the only candidate the Democrats have is Natalie Tennant, they are in bad shape. Shelley Capito will beat her like a drum.
  • I'd like to know why I cannot find Tony Caridi announcing WVU football games this season.
  • Editor's note: WVU broadcasts can be heard in Charleston at 100.9 WMXE-FM.
  • Kanawha County deputy sheriffs need to concentrate on catching some serious criminals, not pulling somebody over for doing 64 in a 60 mph speed zone. Good grief.
  • I've never heard of anyone using the term "educated conservative," - probably because it is an oxymoron. For those fruitcakes screaming "impeachment" for Obama, what are the charges? List them specifically or shut up.
  • Curious. Is there a single lawyer left standing in West Virginia who has not made the "Best Lawyer in the Country" list?
  • Have the American people finally wised up? Have we finally got tired of these useless wars, fought for no sane reason? It is hard to believe after 10 long years.
  • If you live in Standard, W.Va., and know the owners of the white Labrador that is always on the road: Tell them to lock or chain up their dog. Night and day, the dog is on the road and loves to chase cars. If this problem persists, I'll have no choice but to contact animal control.
  • A venter with a real command of the English language recently commented, "The stinking Democrats are behind every dirty thing there is." I didn't know that Richard Nixon, Arch Moore and Dick Cheney were Democrats. Live and learn.
  • If Dr. Calhoun thinks he sees a lot of women with abortion complications now, just wait until the attorney general closes all the abortion clinics in West Virginia. Calhoun will be overrun with women suffering major complications from back-alley abortions.
  • There have been too many lives cut short because of darn wars that our country should not have been involved in. Weighing the pros and cons should tell Washington we don't need to go into Syria. Sen. Manchin is the only Democrat I'd vote for - the only one up there who seems to have any sense.
  • I'm a WVU fan whether they win 12 games or zero games. That's what a true fan is. If you only liked WVU because Rich Rod spoiled us by winning 10 games a year, then you are not a WVU fan. Regardless of what happens this season, I'm proud of our program's success. Be proud to be a Mountaineer.
  • If Tim Tebow were a Muslim, I wonder if people would think God had a plan for him outside of football.
  • Once again, someone presumes to speak for God. And I say again that God remains mute. Some do believe that he talks to them, but if God had anything to say, why wouldn't he tell everyone? And don't tell me to read a book, books are written by men for various purposes.
  • In the last five years, my share of the cost for company insurance has doubled and the coverage has decreased. I wish the know-it-all liberal Marshall professor who wrote in about how good Obamacare will be for everybody would explain why I should be overjoyed with it.
  • You would think if Obama were as smart as his supporters claim, he would be more careful with his words when speaking on the record. Now that he's talked himself into a corner again, he'd rather risk the lives of thousands than admit maybe he was wrong.
  • If you can't afford to pay the adoption fee for two cats, you can't afford to own cats. Not being rude, just honest.
  • People who compare attacking Syria to attacking Iraq conveniently ignore an important fact. Most civilized nations, including several in the Middle East, supported removing Iraq's Saddam from power. Just the opposite is true with attacking Syria.
  • All you Vietnam vets complaining about Jane Fonda have no basis for complaint if you voted for a Vietnam War deserter for president (some twice). She was young and stupid, but you knowingly voted for a coward to be commander-in-chief. Those of you intelligent enough not to vote for Bush can complain about Fonda.
  • It is clear now that the Syrian rebels are actually the ones who used the chemicals to kill the people. Of course Obama wants to support these people and they are the Muslim Brotherhood. Why wouldn't we question Obama's motives?
  • Just remember Natalie Tennant was a big supporter of President Obama in the election. She will say anything to try and distance herself from Washington, but she is a left-wing Democrat. The people who were standing behind her when she made the announcement were all left-wing Democrats.
  • Why does the town of Madison continue to allow a Court Street resident to have a swimming pool filled with stagnant water breeding mosquitoes? The Boone County Health Department has been no help in this matter either.
  • I see where the city of Charleston has cut back on the number of trash bags allowed to each family. It is less than two per week for a year's use. Get out the city trash release.
  • The graphic on the front page of today's paper says "Mingo under scrutiny." I think they need some scrutiny. They managed to get U.S. 11 out of Virginia and running through Williamson.
  • It looks like the mayor threw it to us with the garbage bags. He just had to have his way one way or another. If you people don't vote all these jokers out in the next election, we will all be in hell.
  • It sure would be nice if Jay and Joe fought against the EPA as well as they do cruise lines and guns. They are killing us here in West Virginia with new EPA rules coming out to kill the coal and power industries. Perhaps we need a recall on them.
  • The SWAT team and the goofball officer who shot the 107-year-old man really deserve a medal. Now that is real bravery there.

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