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Your vents, Thursday, Sept. 26

  • I have to say I'm always carrying my handgun when I go to Starbucks, or to the supermarket, library or church or even to a GW home game. No one ever knows. That is because this liberal knows that is the only thing protecting me from some nut job on a rampage.

  • So an engineering firm that benefits directly from road construction in West Virginia does a study that says we need $1.3 billion worth of road construction. This information is passed on to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways composed of individuals representing entities who benefit directly from road construction. I might trust this if everyone involved didn't have a vested interest.
  • Defund Obamacare now. It is bad for businesses with more than 50 employees. It cuts workers' weekly hours from 40 hours down to 28 hours. It is bad.
  • It sickens me to think your paper would print such trash as Mr. Hogan saying he was tempted by that young child. Anyone like that should be sent away for the remainder of their life, and I hope he gets his.
  • Republicans in Congress have shown finally and completely they are incapable of doing their job. They need to be replaced and soon.
  • People have to wonder why Republicans aren't going to be blamed if the government shuts down. They don't care about veterans getting their checks. They simply hate our president.
  • I'm disgusted with all of government. No more raising taxes and no more of the government we've got.
  • I think Russell Trucking should be sued and the manager of Coonskin Park should be fired over damage to the trees there.
  • Steve Knighton has been an exemplary example for public education for the past 35 years. Congratulations on receiving the home town hero award and on your retirement.  
  • No one can afford the unaffordable careless act.
  • If we want to die while using our cellphone and without buckling our seat belts, then so be it. That is our right.
  • God bless the baseball player who is back in the major leagues after a year's worth of cancer treatment.  He is a good role model for children. Miley Cyrus might want to look at being such a role model after she gets treatment for whatever psychological, egotistical and mental issues she is currently suffering from.
  • Bill O'Reilly needs to realize he isn't a genius when it comes to economic matters. The people on the Fox Business Network know what the economic picture is. Bill over-talks and interrupts people who know economics more than he does.
  • We need to support the Light Opera Guild and the symphony.  
  • It amazes me that everyone badmouths coaches in football. They have comments about West Virginia. Leave the kids alone. Let them play and enjoy themselves. Some will win and some will lose, and that is just the way it is. There is no need for harassment to the teams.
  • Why do Charleston police allow parents to block the streets like at Chamberlain Elementary where a man can't even park at his own home? Then they arrested the man. Why didn't they do anything about what the woman did? You would probably do something if they started blocking MacCorkle Avenue.
  • Millions of West Virginia men and women have died or been crippled producing coal for a handful of wealthy owners. The Republicans are concerned about the cost to the coal producers for safe, clean coal. Are we so stupid that this argument makes any sense?


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