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Your vents, Monday, Sept. 30

  • To the reader who said more fans will be going to Huntington than to Morgantown this season: I'm sorry, but WVU is superior to Marshall in every aspect of college football - better facilities, larger fan base and, most of all, more wins. The Mountaineers are king of the state. Sorry.

  • How will raising the minimum wage help the economy? People making minimum wage spend their money, not save it. Therefore, raising the minimum wage puts more money into the economy. Thus, companies have more business and make more money, resulting in hiring.
  • I wish the irresponsible dog owner in Shrewsbury's Olivia's Water Front Landing that lets his or her dog bark all day would shut that dog up. I don't want to hear it.
  • Norfolk Southern Railway needs to clean up the mess they left at the crossing in Shrewsbury. They also need to fix the crossing they destroyed. Remember the residents had to pay for the road you tore up.
  • I'd rather swim after a dog in a public pool than swim after your diapered babies. The dogs are more likely to be housebroken.
  • The GOP isn't against Medicare or Social Security programs. They're against the waste and fraud written into the programs by Democrats.
  • My faith in the stupidity of the average American is restored. Someone actually believes that Fox News is unbiased.
  • If the church in Hamlin does not want drugs removed from its community, meth labs must be a cottage industry there. Everything possible should be done to remove them. I'm shocked by their attitude.
  • I would like to know why so many businesses, Charleston City Hall and on the Boulevard failed to honor those killed on 9/11 by lowering their flags? The state of West Virginia and Kanawha County did. Why did the others fail to do the right thing?
  • You won't get any help from the state about tax dollars being handed to greyhound breeders. Your governor, who just happens to be one of those honest Democrats we keep hearing about, profited from the program you're against.
  • Someone recently said the majority of people do not trust President Obama. You must mean the majority of people here in racist, redneck West Virginia. Proof that most people trust Obama was demonstrated this past November when he beat Romney like a borrowed mule.
  • If the citizens of Winfield don't soon wake up and pay attention, their current mayor is going to bankrupt the city. If you care at all, attend some meetings and see what he has in store for you now. Can we afford to buy a new city hall for more than $800,000? There are so many things this city needs, and the top priority is not new digs for the mayor.
  • Seven years ago, anybody with a grain of common sense knew an Obama presidency would fail. FOX News broadcast information the other networks tried to hide.
  • OK, what happened? I thought Obamacare was supposed to be free.
  • Why not put a White Castle restaurant or a steak house in St. Albans? Good locations would be at the old Shoney's building or the closed Sonic.  
  • Thank you for publishing the picture of the international club gathering. Copies will be sent all over the world, and it is very good publicity for Charleston and of course the Charleston Newspapers.


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