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Your vents, Wednesay, Oct. 2

* Mark my word. This will happen. If you are getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because of mental problems, you will probably not be able to buy a gun in the future. I'm sure the right-wingers will have a major conflict. They hate people getting crazy checks, but they love those guns.  

* I'd like to give kudos to Republican Delegate Tim Armstead for standing up for the helpless unborn innocent babies. Hopefully he'll run for governor some day. Thank you for standing up against abortion. God bless you.

* Are there no members of the U.S. Congress capable of doing their job? They are an embarrassment to the formerly greatest country on Earth.

* Many bicycle riders run stop signs and red lights, and they break many laws.

* If I am in an establishment which prohibits me from carrying a concealed gun and a gunman comes in and shoots me and others, I think I'm in my right to sue the establishment because by their negligence they caused my danger.

* This is in reference to Mr. John Miller's article about parents being their children's first teachers. I agree with him 100 percent. He deserves a crown and a big medal. I was raised up Cabin Creek and we had nine children. Everybody should listen to him.

* I see they are going ahead with the bike trail on the Boulevard even though 90 percent of the people are against it. They are using our money to do what they want no matter what the people want. They should use our money for what needs to be done. That doesn't need to be done.

* The United States is down to number 17 in economic output. We have a lot of idiots who keep backing Obama. This is ridiculous.

* Every day I read your newspaper, I see a political ad against Natalie Tennant. Why do you do that? You know that Shelley Capito's organization is calling those in and it's just not right.

* Movie theaters must be losing money because they fail to put movie times in the paper. Some of us have only that as our source of information about movies. Every other city has this in the paper when I've visited them.

* I was wondering about Don Hughes on channel 13. I miss seeing him as the meteorologist on there. I hope he comes back soon.

* Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is stepping down after the 2014 season. Do the Pete Rose fans a favor and reinstate him so he can get back into baseball in some capacity. It isn't fair that A. Rod continues to play until his appeal in steroid abuse is heard. Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame.

* As always, the Republicans are saying the Affordable Care Act is going to be a disaster. They also said that about Social Security, Medicare and anything to help the workers or the middle class. They only want to help the rich.

* Please do not vote for the levy. These people waste money. Our taxes are high enough. Don't let them have more money to waste and give out top raises to the big people. Please, enough taxes.

* If I am ever caught with illegal drugs, I want to have Legislative Auditor Aaron Allred as a character witness. He knows that just because something is illegal doesn't make it a crime.


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