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Your vents, Tuesday, Oct. 8

* The right values are to work hard for what you get. Nothing will be given to you. You are going to get what you earn and what you deserve. That is what we tried to teach our children.

* Tea party people are not just nuts. They are dangerous nuts. They need to be put away someplace until they cool themselves off.

* Let me see if I have this correct. The mayor of Pratt was caught driving an unauthorized-use police car at night with Class II drugs and now he refuses to resign. The council should impeach. Our credibility is terrible and he has to go.

* To all those badmouthing WVU, Coach Holgorsen, and thanking Maryland, please pack your things and move to Ohio. We don't want you. Go Mountaineers.

* I predict "Obamacare" will become as well liked as Social Security and I find the name really humorous. The Republicans gave the Affordable Care Act that name in derision and it will forever be known as that, making Obama more famous over the coming years as the name Bush fades into insignificance.

* Iran is still trying to gain superiority over the world with nuclear weapons. They are just trying to sweet talk their way out of the imposed sanctions and in to the good graces of the free world. Do not be taken in by Iran's new approach.

* The Republicans complain about too much spending yet they are willing to shut the federal government down to get their way, which will cost the country at least $1.4 billion. Go figure.

* Sen. Manchin just proved he is in the hip pockets of Harry Reid and President Obama with his vote in support of funding for Obamacare. He thinks we will forget by his next election. I won't.

* To the men who stole four tires from a red Chrevrolet Cavalier off the Big Chimney exit. Get a job and stop robbing people who have jobs. I have your license plate number.

* Can we assume Congress has legalized blackmail?

* Impossible to pin Joe Manchin down on any subject. He's got more sides than a decemyriagon.

* Hey, Hoppy, the only thing that poll showed is the average West Virginian has the IQ of a door knob.

* Comical. People who were looking forward to free Obamacare are now shocked to find out they have to pay $100-$250 a month. What? How can they afford their tattoos, stereos, custom wheels and gold jewelry if they have to pay for medical insurance?

* Yes, folks, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. A member of the United States Senate reading "Green Eggs And Ham" from the Senate chamber on national TV. The good news is there was probably just a handful of tea party nuts watching.

* The mystery is deeper than I thought. Women you look great from top to bottom. But men, it seems you don't seem to notice how ugly you look below the knees. Your trouser legs are all rolled up around the ankles and feet. Why? Pants can be bought in the right length.

* Obama has proven to be the most corrupt president in modern American history, along with his puppets that do his bidding even if they break the law to do it. They belong in prison.  


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