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Your vents for Wednesday, October 16, 2013

n The Democrats are acting stupid and ignorant again. They accused the Republicans of politicking and grandstanding.

  • I am a lover of music. I do not live on Frame Street, but I am going to drive up and down Frame Street between 1-3 a.m. playing music because everyone loves music. You know there is a city ordinance against barking dogs?
  • What is this country coming to by taking the military and widow's death benefits away from them? The darned Congress keeps their gym open and they keep all of their money and benefits. They need to send Boehner back to Ohio.
  • How many months passed while America waited for Congress to prepare the budget of the United States of America? They had time to present, then re-present, debate, negotiate and get the deal done. When you drag your feet so long, you ruin your chances of dealing in good faith. Now just do it.
  • President Obama says he has made great progress for the middle class. If this is progress, I'd hate to see failure. How he can make such statements with a straight face is beyond me.
  • What is the address of Fisher House? It is a charity that helps wounded warriors. I want to donate in the name of a dear family friend who recently died who was a Korean War veteran. It is a great charity.
  • This is no time to mince words. The people in the so-called tea party are destroying our country. They have absolutely no right to stop our government. They should be in prison.
  • Is the Republican Party the only group with common sense? The spending has got to stop. They are just trying to slow this runaway train down. Cut it out, guys. Don't let the Democrats destroy this country.
  • I'm so disappointed in Sen. Manchin. I hope he has a very short Senatorial career.
  • What used to be "your land and my land" is now becoming "Obama land." Wake up America's people before it is too late.
  • The tea party is determined to ruin our economy. Not paying the bills that Congress already approved is not any way to run a railroad. We need to run them out of Washington and into a playpen somewhere, where their childish shenanigans can't hurt anyone.
  • Big lies a lot of people believe: Bush kept us safe, Social Security is broke and the tea party is a patriotic grassroots organization.
  • We told you eight years ago Obama wouldn't be able to handle being president. You guys should have listened.
  • I like helping working people. I don't like supporting healthy, freeloading people.  Those are the ones that should be cut off immediately.  
  • Thank you to the numbskulls who voted for David McKinley. West Virginians don't want the stinking insurance.
  • Of course, mentally disturbed people bent on killing will use any method they can. But when you can get a gun as easily as a rock or a club, why not use a gun? A gun puts distance between you and the other person. The main cause of gun violence in this country is too many fools with too many guns.
  • The dangerous nuts in our society are the people who sponge off society and are too lazy to work for a living. Quite a few lowlifes just lie around drunk or high on drugs waiting for the mailman to deliver their checks. They contribute absolutely nothing positive to society.
  • The biggest lie that continues to be told to and believed by the majority of the American people is that every one of these rich folks on Wall Street and these evil corporate CEOs are Republicans. The second biggest lie is that today's Democrats care about poor people.
  • I firmly believe that cross-county school consolidation is an idea for which the time has come, but I will not be at all surprised when the governing committees decide in typical West Virginia fashion that they need their own highly paid superintendent, administrators and school board apart from either of the counties that will make up the consolidation.
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann , R-Minn., in an interview this past weekend accused President Obama of giving aid to al-Qaida, which she said is proof that we are living in the "end times." Bachmann was a serious contender for the Republican candidate for president. God help us.
  • It is fact that when Obama came in the first thing he had to do was clean up the economic mess left by the previous Republican administration. Now Republicans are again wrecking the economy. I reckon Obama will clean this new Republican mess up, too.  
  • Republicans ruined the economy when they were in power. Now they are determined to ruin the recovery. Can't they get it in their heads that we live in a democracy, and you can't change/undo laws without the votes? They act like a bunch of blustering fools while grandstanding every chance they get, and being totally political when what we need is common sense governing.
  • So, President Obama is corrupt, huh? Apparently you have some facts to back up this statement. We are waiting for you to outline his criminal activities. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.
  • I had to laugh at the headline in the paper saying Mingo County was going to drug test their students. I'd say that Mingo County students are far less likely to be on drugs than their elected officials.
  • A venter said tea partiers are dangerous nuts and should be put away someplace until they cool themselves off. Sounds very much like you need the same treatment.

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