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Your vents for Friday, October 18, 2013

n I pay $500 a month for my health insurance. It is the Volkswagen of insurance. I wonder why people get the Mercedes Benz, which is Medicaid, for free?

  • I am almost 70 years old and I have been a Democrat all of my life. I have always voted for Shelley Moore Capito. We do not need another bleeding heart liberal up there so Shelley has my vote.
  • This is not personal but it is accurate. Gayle Manchin has no reason on earth to be on anybody's school board. She is a nice woman, but she has no business running or helping to run a school system.
  • I can't believe the Democratic Party always criticizing the rich Republican Party. The Democrats had better review their own party because there are as many, if not more, rich Democrats as there are Republicans.
  • The water company just got a rate increase. Now the Kanawha PSD has added a service charge to pay for a municipality bond. I don't live in a municipality. Why do I have to pay off their bond?
  • I would love to vote for the libraries, but I will not vote for the schools. So, the library will lose my vote. If they had set it up separately, the library would have one and the school would have been dropped.
  • Washington is a bunch of scum. They sided with the illegals and their protest march and against our war veterans to visit the memorials for what could be the last time. This is a disgusting shame.
  • The Daily Mail needs to make the Vent Line a full page instead of just a column. It would boost readership. It would actually boost your sales. It is more interesting than what is in the paper. It needs a full page.
  • If you do not want the government to spend so much money, then list exactly and singly each and every line item in the budget you do not want the government to fund. Do it completely and honestly.
  • I hope the Republican Party is so fed up and full and gagging on their party in Congress and in Washington that they have had enough of it and beg for the Democrats' help.
  • Democrats need to learn that the more powerful government is the higher the propensity for corruption is.
  • John Boehner and the Republican Party on Capitol Hill need to be taken to have a heart and a mind transplant. We need to get all of them out of Washington. We need good leadership.
  • Due to an inept mail carrier, a stranger is now in possession of my Social Security.
  • My family will vote yes for the school and library levy. We need to support our schools and libraries so that our communities can attract new businesses.
  • Once again the president has opened his mouth and inserted his foot with his opinion on the name of the Washington Redskins. As usual he has his mind on sports instead of trying to fix his messes.
  • I would like to commend Hoppy Kercheval's write-up in the Oct. 10 Daily Mail concerning the disabled. It is about time someone noticed the disabled help hungry lawyers.
  • There was absolutely no bipartisanship when Obama blindsided the public and the lawmakers with his illegal tax known as Obamacare. Do whatever it takes to shut him down.
  • Lawyers on television who try to sound so sincere about helping you are only after big bucks.
  • Since Capito is fighting for a handout for the wealthy in the form of loopholes, I'm sure the wealthy are supporting her campaign. Frankly, the majority of West Virginians need to support a candidate that cares about the middle class. Wake up, West Virginia.

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