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Your vents for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

n Obamacare will not be Barack Obama's legacy but "Obama scare" will be.

  • The House-controlled Congress is the one to blame for the government shutdown because of the tea party and the Koch brothers. All of a sudden they are worried about the working people, yet they are unwilling to tax the four big oil companies but they want to cut Social Security. Voters will remember them in 2014.
  • I challenge all of the chain stores that display human-sized skeletons for Halloween to celebrate death to offer articles of Jesus at Christmas time to celebrate life. The atheists would have a cow.
  • Thanks to the West Side Main Street president for a great October West event last weekend. It was incident free and family friendly. It was a great day and there was great food. We enjoyed it very much.
  • Sen. Cruz has become an embarrassment. Some even say he is a disgrace. He needs to go.
  • This Morrisey guy who was elected as attorney general is a joke. I can just look at him and listen to him and tell that he is lying. He came in here pretending to be against drugs while all the time the big drug companies were paying his way in. What a shame.
  • I think it is wrong that a handful of radicals can bring this great country down. All the time they are claiming they are doing it for the American people. They are doing it for the richest of the American people.
  • I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income. I want to know why the school board and the library think they need my money more than I need my money.
  • Well, again, the only ones who are gaining anything from this budget shutdown in government are the people who are lending money to the government because their interest rates on their loans go up and bring them more income. Go figure. It is a winning combination for them.
  • I am a 68-year-old male and have always voted since I became eligible, but I am done. I won't vote for any politician ever again.
  • Don Surber had an article on U.S. 35. The whole thing in a nutshell is that Gov. Tomblin's primary concern was to find money for Medicaid. If he had cut that back for two years they could have finished U.S. 35.
  • Why don't they build a Wal-Mart on Elk River for us Clay County people?
  • To the person who said normal people do not threaten blackmail and shut down the government: Would you also consider that normal people are not $17 trillion in debt? Why don't you go online and learn what a trillion dollars looks like.
  • Hurricane needs to stop concentrating on events concerning clowns, hot dogs and pumpkins. They need to worry about the traffic problem coming from Interstate 64. Concentrate on real problems and get away from this circus activity.
  • Some Republicans are totally irrational and sound like street rats running around for a piece of cheese that just fell off of a truck. Have they lost their minds? They sound crazy.
  • I love ending every night reading the opinions written by my fellow West Virginians about how bad Obama and health care are. They aren't smart enough to follow directions on the side of a soup can.
  • The far left and right can't support each other's opinions, but disagreement isn't the end of the world. It is democracy. In the middle we just shake our heads and wonder what happened to you in your childhoods.
  • The bill passed by the Senate does nothing to end the burdens on the American people especially where Obama care is concerned. And there were no spending cuts or entitlements which really should have been done.
  • The newspapers will not print all of Obama's wrongdoing so you will keep waiting and waiting on his impeachable offenses.
  • I think it is just one loony liberal sitting up there on his couch eating his EBT munchies and talking on his free cellphone in the Vent Line every chance he gets.  Please, he is always extolling the virtues of the liberal party, please cut him back to one Vent a day so people who know what they are talking about can Vent.
  • Is the new traffic system in Charleston that allows way more time for pedestrians than there are pedestrians a way for Danny Jones to get more people to walk in Charleston?
  • If Wal-Mart wants to add a store in northern Kanawha County, they should consider the Elkview area that is rapidly expanding and is in desperate need of a large retail store.  
  • The Republicans are always worrying about the cost of food stamps, Medicare and Social Security and so on, but has anyone heard them complaining about the cost of their $24 billion government shutdown?
  • Shouldn't you get the facts on who owns a business and who doesn't? Apparently anyone can say they are co-owner of anything as long as they are working.
  • To the venter who said the time to debate and negotiate a particular law is before it is a law and while it is still a bill in Congress: where were you when Obamacare was ramrodded through?
  • Given recent events in Washington, whose rights do you think Obama will protect? Will it be illegal immigrants or our veterans?
  • We ought to be singing the praises of divided government. Could you imagine what the Obama administration could do without it given the mischief they've already done to America?
  • Why doesn't someone start a southern gospel radio station in Charleston? We'd like to hear lots of the music and less preaching and advertising.
  • How many miles of the old U.S. 35 and Route 817 could have been paved with the $13 million that university lost on football and the $20 million lost on the routers at the Statehouse? We need somebody to be in charge.
  • Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. Personally, I think he is really just not very bright.
  • I find families are so different these days than they were before. Why don't they call a sick family member and check on them? If they can do this for a non-family member they can start taking care of their families, too.
  • This is to the inquiring minds about the obituaries. The paper publishes the obituary like the family wants it to be published. I subscribe to the paper.

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