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Your vents for Friday, October 25, 2013

n I can't believe there isn't something the DNR can do about these damned coyotes in Charleston. They can kill deer but can do nothing about these mongrels killing our pets. I know it is all about population control on both counts but I'd rather lose a few flowers than my beloved pets.

  • Thank you so much Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Especially thank you and God bless you Maryland and Baylor. The only thing I want for Christmas is more of the same.
  • They can find money to fund any other road in this state except U.S. 35. Now they want tolls. I will not pay tolls on that road.
  • Ok, so the government shutdown prevented payments to our workers but we have the money to send the governor to France, Italy and Paris. That is just a vacation for him.
  • I don't know what the caller's definition of the word desperate is, but saying that Elkview desperately needs a Walmart or a big retailer means maybe you should move. We don't need it in Elkview.
  • I'd like to know why they put a big picture of a woman marrying a woman or a man marrying a man in the paper. When a man and woman marry each other they don't do it. Something is wrong with this article.
  • If you don't want to vote for the school/library levy, then please if you want to continue using the libraries in Kanawha County, why not consider making an annual tax-deductible donation to your local library? It is definitely a win-win situation.
  • When you really do love someone you always love them.  
  • I think that if I was the Grambling State football coach, there'd be a few football players getting their scholarships terminated for what they pulled in the game last week. That was no way to get a point across.
  • We keep losing population in the city of Charleston, but city council never seems to decrease in numbers. Now Mayor Danny Jones wants to re-examine the ward layouts. I'm sure it is so they can gerrymander the wards and still keep everyone on the payroll.
  • West Virginia is dying a slow death. All of our young people are leaving the state to find better jobs. So far no one has done anything to bring and keep jobs in West Virginia.  In five years we will be in bad shape.
  • My library is always open, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is called the Internet. The Kanawha County Library system does not need this levy money.
  • The Washington Redskins name being racist is a thing brought on by a bunch of no-good liberals. They even polled the Indian tribes in 2003 and 2011 and nine out of 10 had no problem with the name.
  • West Virginians would be fools to legalize marijuana for any reason. I'm 70 years old, in pain and I could get it, but I oppose it for the good of West Virginia.
  • Regarding the people who handle rattlesnakes to show their faith: I've never read where Jesus ever did such and neither will I.
  • Charley West, what do you think about the festival coming to town?
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: Charley West says "I'm FestivALL about it!"
  • Let me get this straight. The government is cutting food stamp benefits, but laying out $60 million to fix cracks in the Capitol dome. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.
  • I'm tired of Obamacrats and the Democratic Party saying Americans have to do with less. Americans have been doing with less since the Supreme Court handed George W. Bush the presidency in 2000. It is even worse with Obama. Members of Congress should have to do with less and less and less just like we have to do with increased taxes and Obamacare. It's not right.
  • So the state trooper in Mingo County thinks he is immune from prosecution for throwing an innocent man in jail because he was ordered to do so by an out-of-control judge. I don't think so. There are a lot of corrupt police out there.
  • For the federal budget cuts, consider subsidies to farmers not to grow certain vegetables and produce. Also large payments made to suppliers of weapons and planes that don't work properly? What about the limitless and unaccounted for budget of the CIA?  
  • The president of the Laborers International Union, the AFL-CIO and the Teamsters have gone on record saying Obamacare needs repealed. Why won't the Democrats listen? Somehow or another they will blame the Republicans, but they will bankrupt America.
  • I'm concerned about the WVU football team. They do not know how to tackle. They have no coaches. They do not have a quarterback. What happened to the recruiting system that WVU used to have years ago? They are worse than a junior high team.
  • John Boehner and Paul Ryan have said President Obama will not get a blank check for the rest of his second term. The Obamacrats have raised the debt ceiling as high as it is. He can get down on his knees and beg till Jesus comes back, but he isn't going to get what he wants from here on out. Forget it Obama.
  • The West Virginia head coach doesn't know football; he stands on the sidelines trying to figure out what day of the week it is. We need a new head coach.
  • It is just amazing how football referees in the Big 12 are always for the opposing teams. They are always against the Mountaineers at home or away. The flags always come out against our team and they do it all the time. They do the basketball team that way too. It is always unfair.
  • Republicans have done everything else to stop Obamacare so I don't doubt they are clogging up the website as well.

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