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Your vents, Wednesday, Oct. 30

* To those who are moaning and wailing about a potential puny increase in your property taxes if the levy vote goes in favor of the school board and library, you don't know how lucky you have it. You should see what property taxes are in the rest of the country. You are lucky, and the library and school system need more money.

* This is to all of you people whining about Walmart. In Clay County, we have to travel between 45 minutes and an hour to go to the Walmart in Spencer. We don't like doing that in the wintertime. We'd like to see a new one built up on Elk River somewhere.

* Senator Manchin was on "The O'Reilly Factor" and really telling it like it is. He was talking about Washington and Obamacare. He is definitely not in sync with Obama. I'm surprised O'Reilly was really being friendly to a Democrat.

* First, the Republicans could cut out something from the budget; then the Democrats cut something, etc. They can make one cut per month. In the course of an entire year, 12 budget items could be cut out or reduced. It gives plenty of discussion and debate time. We'd all see what the priorities of each party are.

* I wondered how long it would take the board of education to come out with the same old threadbare, tawdry threats about cutting extracurricular activities. They do this every time they want a levy passed. You don't have to take my word. Look through the archives of your own newspaper. They make these threats every time. Vote "no."

* We need four more people like Pete Thaw on the Kanawha County Board of Education. I wish we could clone him. Come to think of it, we need a whole lot more like him in all levels of government.

* Isn't it about time to put up signs along state highways telling motorists it's illegal to use handheld devices while driving? I still see people texting and yakking away on their cellphones while their SUVs go careening back and forth through rush-hour traffic. The police aren't doing anything to enforce the law.

* The biggest danger to America today is the tea party. They care more about their dirty politics than they do the American people.

* The wrong people had their salaries suspended. The president, his executive staff, the Senate and Congress are the ones who got nothing accomplished. Of course, they took care of themselves first. If Obamacare is so good, why are they not on it? Something smells rotten.

* It appears the government shutdown has made all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, appreciate the size and scope of their government. Some people don't like big government until the lack of big government hurts them. Maybe they learned something the past few weeks, but I doubt it.

* Here's a suggestion for the do-gooder liberals: Instead of raising minimum wage, why don't we cut all wages over $40,000 per year by 10 percent? It would lower cost of living and help even the playing field for minimum wage earners.

* I'm still amazed by the ignorance or bias of the people who blame President Obama for the current state of our economy. Where were you people when a tax cut for the rich, two unfunded wars and the deregulation of the banks destroyed our economy under George W. Bush?

* By creating the government shutdown, Republican members of the House of Representatives have a tiger by the tail and can't let go. In other words, their alligator mouth has overloaded their canary butt, and they are ruining their party, and I sure am enjoying it.

* We need to dedicate a week or two for parents and lawmakers to teach in public schools. Maybe they would have a different point of view instead of complaining about things they do not know.

* They put together a 200,000-page health care law in six months. In six years, they couldn't organize a way to sign up for the program. Do you really want these people in charge of your health care?

* It is time to get rid of these RINOs like Shelley Capito. Ted Cruz gave the Republicans a chance to destroy President Obama's socialist agenda. The establishment Republicans who control, and are allied with Capito and Joe Manchin, blinked, and they are not going to force a default on the national debt. They have caved and sold out America for the security of their seats in Congress.

* The "law of the land" is at the core of our democratic process, and closing down the government is counterproductive to our existence. Newt Gingrich, a CNN contributor, says this shutdown business is just normal politics and will all be forgotten in six months. This isn't responsible government, and I will not forget. Will you?

* Let's unite and send all incumbents home in 2014.

* Congress voted to give furloughed federal employees back pay. Why are they not working? Why are furloughed federal employees also entitled to unemployment benefits?

* People have to pay more into Obamacare, and the government shuts down. College books have risen faster in price than anything else in this nation, and no one is saying a word to change this. America does not care one bit about its college students. We are, however, the future of this nation.

* Congressional Republicans, the wealthy and Corporate America only dislike government spending when they aren't the beneficiaries.

* Many, if not most, laws involve opposing parties reaching compromise in order to pass a bill. It is quite common to question, and possibly change or abolish, any law after its enactment. Thank goodness we were able to do this with slavery, prohibition, and women's right to vote.

* Fog lights have a separate switch. When the fog light switch is on, the headlight switch will work them. If you're not smart enough to figure it out, you shouldn't be driving.

* I am concerned that so many across the country were killed or injured by the recent salmonella outbreak because it shows that we aren't handling chicken correctly. I imagine most of us blame the chicken industry; but it is our fault because if we handled chicken correctly, no one would get sick regardless of salmonella's presence. Americans are scientifically ignorant, and it shows and we actually suffer from it. 


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