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Your vents, Tuesday, Nov. 5

  • It is wrong to cut food stamp payments to those who need it. Certainly there are some who abuse it, but you can't punish the majority because of the actions of a few. The cost of food is going up weekly, and these folks need every dime they can get.

  • In the past four years, we have funded the International Monetary Fund $35.6 million while we are going broke at home. Working people are not an open billfold, and the people in Washington need to know this. We are tired of their spending-like-crazy and there's-no-tomorrow attitudes. Vote them out.
  • When it comes to college football, Marshall thinks they are a big fish in a little pond. But in the real world, Marshall is a minnow in the ocean.
  • This is for the town of Pratt. The mayor and his wife have now put another embarrassment on the town, and the town council has no backbone. Please, Kent, David and Hoppy, disband this town and make it metro government.
  • Marshall fans, hang in there. They have only five games left, and only one team has a winning record.
  • What a blessing it was to open the Oct. 25 Daily Mail Extras section and see the beauty of God's creation displayed. It was breathtaking.
  • Wake up, Democrats. Obama is using you like last week's newspaper.
  • College education is a right. Health care is a right. What will they declare next, a government funeral is a right? If they can give you rights, they can certainly take them away from you.
  • Congratulations to the Daily Mail reporters who did not play favorites when they were reporting on the lobbyist being arrested for solicitation. At least you didn't let friendship get in the way.
  • I agree with the caller that there should be a law passed that prohibits cyber bullying and, yes, I think parents should be held accountable.
  • John Porter's article in the Oct. 27 Gazette-Mail was absolutely right on. People who bag their grass clippings and leaves and haul them off are unbelievable. Right now is the perfect time to collect grass clippings and leaves and start a compost pile. I wish more people would compost.
  • Coach Holgorsen is a great coach, but he just doesn't have the experience as a head coach. You have to have good coaches under you to make you a great head coach. He doesn't have those people.
  • I think they should change the name of the excess levy to excessive levy. I think that should kill it. I hope it does.
  • I have already voted. I voted "no." I wish I could vote again or a dozen more times.  It feels so good to do the right thing.
  • It's amazing that those who want to restore some sanity to government, the tea party, are labeled as extremists by the mainstream media. We are trying to save the republic.
  • I agree with the caller who can afford to pay for nothing. But get this - I pay $4,200 a year for my health insurance, but I have a $7,500 deductible so I cannot afford to go to the doctor. Welcome to the world of Obama.


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