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Your vents, Thursday, Nov. 21

* A writer said the tea party is a danger to our society. This should have said our socialistic society where everyone gets everything he or she wants given to them. That will make this statement very true. We have become a nation of takers.

* Democrats once controlled 100 percent of the government and still control two thirds. When are you Kool-Aid drinkers going to stand up and admit you made a terrible mistake voting for Obama and his drones? Their incompetence is staggering.

* If these millionaire, Democratic, Wall-Street tycoons and politicians from the city and county level on up really cared about the poor like they claim, then they would set an example and give out every dime they make above the average income, live in a modest house, drive one cheap car and try to live like the rest of us.

* Someone needs to teach the state road in Jackson County the proper way to patch a pothole. They put too much asphalt in every third hole on my route to work but still haven't touched one hole that I first noticed during the Wise administration.

* Obama knew the ACA would fail. He wants it to fail. Once we pass the point of no return he will force us into the socialist single-payer system he wanted in the first place. Obama supporters sold our country down the road when they bought his lies.

* Just want to thank you for dropping the liberal comic "Doonesbury." And while at it get rid of "Pearls Before Swine." It is so silly. How about "Wizard of Id" or "Crock," or maybe anything else?

* The Communication Workers of America union at Frontier was a big supporter of Obama and his health care plan. Now they want us to support them in their labor problems. Sorry Charlie.

* Obama said thousands of needy Americans flocked to the Obamacare website, so many that they clogged it up, and signed up for the health care that they need. Now the facts are in and in fact, six people signed up? Six? Really?

* The Iraqi Prime Minister met with President Obama this week to ask for financial assistance to deal with increased violence. Actually, the meeting should have been with Bush and Cheney, the two responsible for what happened and what is happening in Iraq. How can they sleep at night?

* According to many voters, sleeping with Bill Clinton is the only qualification needed for being president. Can you imagine how many eligible candidates we could have next election?

* Implementation of Obamacare is pointing out the scams that the greed-driven insurance companies have pulled for decades. Unfortunately, industry lobbyists destroyed Obama's original plan to have a single-payer system like other western countries. The result is the Affordable Care Act, a stumbling, but nonetheless good, start in the right direction to universal health care.

* Whose responsibility is it to pick up the trash in the yard at the entrance of Hidden Cove in Scott Depot across from Saddledowns? There are three piles of junk sitting in the yard ever since the people living there left. It's a real eyesore on County Route 33.

* I would rather be shopping or going to a movie on Thanksgiving Day than sitting there watching football. We fix dinner and eat and then I'm off to shop or run around. You can go to a movie and shop with friends and family just as easy as sitting in front of the TV. There are too many football games on holidays.

* Sad to say, "Doonesbury," the one shining light in the cold, dark world of the Daily Mail, is gone, but thanks to the Internet, it lives on for us believers in a warm, caring America.

* And now we have the American Church of Capitalism.

* I'd like to keep my insurance. I worked many years and retired in order to keep it. Well, thank you Mr. President, but you aren't taking my insurance. I'll fight you for it.

* I would like to commend the businesses that honored veterans on Veteran's Day with a special meal. It was very nice. Thank you.

* Obama is not a king even though he thinks he is. He cannot just wave his hand and say we should ignore the Affordable Care Act for a year and not worry about it. That power belongs to Congress.

* To the person calling the Vent Line who wanted to blame the Democrats for their neighbors getting all of their free stuff: Get your facts straight. The House of Delegates wanted to drug test them and then the other people in Charleston who were Democrats as well as Republicans said it wasn't the way to do it. Blame all of them.

* The U.S. House of Representatives voted 261 to 157 to extend canceled health plans and this will allow old customers as well as new customers. Obama says he will veto that bill. Now it will go to Harry Reid who will put it in his desk drawer and not even bring it forward.

* I see where they want a new Brazilian company to come in and they will give them a big tax break. However, the poor companies that have been here forever are taxed to death and it is not right.

* Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project shouldn't be going on right now. It is all because of George W. Bush's wish to play war. He put the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq on our credit cards. Every time I see what the warriors are going through it makes me so angry.

* The wonderful rebels in Syria are now apologizing for be-heading the wrong person and these are the civilized beings Obama wants to support. Oh, brother, this country is in trouble.

* The traffic light sequence on the top of Oakwood Road needs to be changed before the holiday season starts. Traffic from Southridge into Charleston is atrocious. We will not be able to get from Charleston into Lucado unless the light is changed back the way it was.

* I see the governor is making a big to-do about getting a new cracker plant. It seems like there would be a lot more profit in plants having soup and other kinds of food. Typical West Virginia.

* I agree with the Vent about wearing out the mute button on the scanner. These screaming car salesmen and furniture companies; if someone has to yell to sell for their companies then I don't need them.

* If you make good health habits and are blessed with good health, good for you. Not only do you pay a lot of taxes for government programs to re-distribute wealth, you will also pay for expensive insurance you do not need in order to pay for the lazy smokers, drinkers and promiscuous.

* I thought Bernie Madoff was in prison, but it turns out he is living in the White House and he has come up with another Ponzi scheme and it is called Obamacare.  

* Speaking of lies and liars, what about Bush, Cheney, General Powell, Condoleezza Rice and the big tale of weapons of mass destruction. Has anyone confessed or apologized so far? I think not.


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