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Your vents, Friday, Nov. 22

* More long-term employees at Alpha have been laid off. Please come back home Don Blankenship.

n If you would like to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, call FamilyCare at 304-720-4466 and you don't need to use the computer.

* Don Surber thinks Sarah Palin would be a great president? Oh, dear. She needs to get a good education of history and geography and then just please go away.

* The people of West Virginia are getting older and dumber. The old people don't want to pay taxes now to help the children like others did to help their children. Our young people smart enough get a college degree and leave the state. Therefore the older and less educated are left behind in West Virginia.

* Thank you, Charleston Daily Mail for being the best paper in the country, but I wish you hadn't taken Doonesbury out of the comics.  Please keep it in the Sunday paper even though we can read it in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

* The people in the Hurricane neighborhood of High School Avenue are very concerned about the halfway house being put there by a church group. What about our rights as taxpaying citizens? We want to continue to live here in a safe and clean neighborhood like we are used to.

* WVU might get a bowl bid down at the Commode Bowl in Dunbar this year.

* I suggest if you don't want to wait 30 minutes to go to the bathroom at a WVU football game that you go to a Marshall football game. There is no one there and you can get right into the bathroom.

* I taught school for 21 years and I paid $1,500 to $2,000 for my classroom to be decent enough for my students. The teachers are the ones who have been filling in the gaps.

* In a season of lows, losing to Kansas has got to be a new low.

* If the arrogant Alec Baldwin had come to West Virginia and acted like he did in New York the news media could have interviewed him from a hospital bed. If he had gotten in the face of real West Virginia men like he did to the woman reporter he wouldn't have been able to drive his car away.

* Well, in all fairness, Coach Holgorsen deserves another year. He did not have a decent quarterback this year and that is what his entire offense is built upon. He gets one more year.

* The St. Albans public works department needs to give an award to an elderly lady who goes around sweeping up leaves on her own time. She takes her car, her trash can and enjoys getting out and doing things the city used to do. She is performing a great service.

* I was stunned to see an article about the symphony and it didn't have a picture of Grant Cooper on it. It briefly mentioned him and quoted someone else quoting him. Are you trying to run him off?

* I just have one question about the Warren Commission's investigation of JFK's assassination. Did they determine how Mr. Oswald financed his many trips to foreign countries like Russia and Mexico? Apparently he didn't have much in the way of money, but did a lot of travel after leaving the Marines.

* Our complaints about Obama weren't fantasies and yes, it is now being proven as fact many news outlets ignored negative stories about him.

* To the idiots that think their state should secede because of taxes, do you have any idea of how high your taxes would be then? You'd have to pay for a military, a government, a police force, medical care, etc. I could go on, but you get the picture. You would be begging to get back in the good old U.S.A.

* I remember before there was alcohol in gasoline. In the winter cars would get gas-line-freeze and stop running, and in summer they'd get vapor lock and stop running. If alcohol is removed from gasoline these long forgotten maladies will return.

* Did you really recommend voting against the county levy because you think the State board of education spends too much? Wow. Do democracy a favor and keep your uninformed self at home next election.

* If the state needs more money for state parks then charge the people from out of state more. The people of West Virginia are already paying for the parks. Why should we pay more for them to use them? Everyone says out-of-state people are paying for the W.Va. Turnpike and don't have a problem with it, so why not the state parks.

* It's sad that TV is shamelessly promoting documentaries on "The Killing of JFK."  Would today's generation not be better served by learning how Jack Kennedy saved the world from nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis? We were close to killing everyone on our planet, but his level-headed leadership kept us from it.

* If Native Americans need eagle feathers all they need to do is go to a wind farm and they will have all they will ever need.


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