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Your vents, Monday, Nov. 25

  • The Kanawha County School Board spent over $300,000 to find out the citizens of Kanawha County do not want more taxes and do not want to hear more scare tactics - the same tactics we have heard every time a levy is presented.

  • If the library had its own levy I would have voted for it. The school board should look to itself and start the cuts there. I couldn't afford the big raise on my taxes just after the county has reassessed my house and raised my taxes again.
  • When the various governments around the world (including the good old U.S.A.) quit with their experiments in trying to control the weather, then and only then will the abnormal storms that we are experiencing (as the cyclone in the Philippines) stop. Cut the budget to the military and you just might see the storms stop, too.
  • Congratulations, Mr. Thaw. Your mission in seeking election to the Board of Education - starving the state's largest school district of much-needed funding - is complete. Would you now do Kanawha County's students a favor and take your self-centered, anti-tax, anti-intellectual politics to a more suitable avocation? I'm sure the local tea party can use your services, and you won't have to pretend to be an education advocate there.
  • The people of Kanawha County sent the school board a message. Why can't they read it? If you want to save money, start at the top and cut salaries . . . the same with the library board. If the levy had passed, they would have all received raises. That is what they are mad about. We can't afford any more taxes for any reason.
  • As the insane tea party takes a real blistering sound defeat I would hope for sanity, but there are always a few beyond the pale. Reagan's demise of mental health care has done that party in.
  • Rockefeller's recent comments supporting Obamacare is further proof he is out of touch with the average working class West Virginian. I'm really going to miss voting for anybody running against Jay.
  • Excessive use of the word "heroes" has rendered it almost meaningless.
  • It was obvious Holgorsen picked his words carefully for the press conference. He was afraid to give too much credit to Millard because he now knows he was wrong giving the job to Trickett.
  • As for the levy results: I'm so ashamed of Kanawha County. This will keep West Virginia at the bottom of everything and continue the mentality of a redneck tea-party state. It is too bad.
  • Why are you attacking Pete Thaw? Seventy-two percent of the voters agreed with him. It's the rest of the school board that needs to worry about their chances in the next election.
  • It is a shame Oliver Luck wasn't chosen for an out-of-state job. He should have been and he should have taken Holgorsen with him.
  • To the person who said Charles Krauthammer is a great man: I say the only connection between him and great is the fact he is as ugly as Abraham Lincoln.
  • Any time a politician spends most of their time 'criticizing others and what they do' tells me they are probably too dumb or lazy to do anything useful.
  • Let's face it, any idiot can attack others, rant and rave, and put down their ideas and accomplishments. But it takes a wise person to discover the good in what others do, work to improve it, and add positive, creative, helpful ideas of their own.  
  • Tell the school board if they want extra money for the schools so badly to give back the raises they all got.
  • I am all in favor of the city of Nitro helping develop that large piece of land beside the Nitro Marketplace. We also need to have a new access road from Nitro. That would make Nitro have two interstate exits and open up land behind Ridenour Lake for residential and commercial development and cut emergency response times.
  • Congratulations to the Winfield High School soccer team. To the boys:  Congratulations for winning your regional. To the girls: Congratulations for winning your fifth title. Way to go.
  • You'd have to be an idiot not to support the tax levy in a state like West Virginia and I think I've figured out why it didn't pass.
  • We need to get along and work together for a common good. We need to pick a day to be a day of kindness with no mean spiritedness. We have days for everything else.
  • Impeach Pete Thaw.
  • Everyone is talking about West Virginia going to the Pinstripe Bowl. I wouldn't talk about this too soon because they still have to win two more games, but they are against two of the worst teams in the nation. This is usually West Virginia's luck; they usually get over on something like that.
  • Thank you Pete Thaw for telling it like it is and thank you to everyone who voted no on the levy.
  • I'm more and more convinced that the tea party folks are the only sane people in the room.
  • The school system needs to eliminate pre-kindergarten, day care, and extracurricular activities and then they'd have plenty of money to run the schools.
  • Congratulations to Sissonville High School and Winfield High School girls' soccer teams for making the state No. 1 champs.
  • If the law says the employer mandate or the individual mandate can't be postponed for a year then why has the employer mandate been delayed and not the individual mandate? Obama just twists the laws the way he wants to. He has done this since day one. He needs to go.
  • National and worldwide snooping and Obamacare are going to cause God to unleash his wrath upon this prideful man.
  • To the poor soul who has more experience than the owner's son-in-law and was passed over for a job: That is just the way it is, bud. Don't give up. Keep working hard. He may flop and be moved up to be the co-owner of the company. When you own a company and take all the risk you can do whatever you want.
  • Thank you Applebee's. You are the best and we sure appreciate you for what you do for the vets.
  • I wonder if the same people who are raving about how Holgorsen is going to turn things around are the same ones who talked poorly about Bill Stewart's record, which was a winning record. I don't know what you people want. That WVU fan crowd is an odd lot.
  • I've never heard of such devastation as has just happened to the incredibly poor people of the Philippine Islands. The media needs to get busy and give addresses where we can send financial help and maybe supplies. Please help the public to help these people.

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