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Your vents, Friday, Dec. 6

  • Ted Cruz stands for the Constitution and "we the people."

  • Watch Fox News and learn the truth.
  • Obama's obvious love of himself is disgusting. He is always in front of people who feed his ego campaigning. He just stands there and says anything whether true or not.
  • I need a Christmas miracle. I need proof that there are still good and kind people left in this world.
  • At Lippert Terrace, my Daily Mail has been stolen from my front door two different times in the past week. You know you are on camera so why do you do it? I pay for my paper every month. If you want it, quit taking mine and subscribe to it yourself. Stay away from my front door. I'm going to the manager and then the police if I have to.
  • It isn't Lindsey Graham who has egg on his face. It is a reporter on CBS who was fired after telling a lie about Benghazi, so you've got egg on your face, buster.
  • To the person who says insurance companies should not have to cover birth control devices: They give Viagra to men under insurance companies. Unfortunately, it takes men and women to make a baby, and they don't understand that if you make a baby, you need to raise a baby. We need to curtail the number of babies born.  
  • When are we Christians going to quit trying to shove these rich Republicans through the eye of a needle? They aren't here to help us poor folk; they are here to help the other rich. It is time for West Virginians to figure this out.
  • What were the two loud booms I heard coming from around Charleston? There was one right after the other one. The one in South Charleston was reported, but the county didn't pass it on.
  • About conservative women being nuts, wasn't it the liberal Nancy Pelosi who said about the Affordable Care Act that "we have to pass it in order to know what is in it"? Now who is dumb?
  • I was saddened to read that Beulah Petunia had died from a bad fall. My sympathy goes out to Suzanne McMinn.
  • Congratulations to the businesses in South Hills, Sport Mart and others who closed on Thanksgiving. That is a family day, not a shopping day. Bless your businesses. These stores are where we will be doing our shopping.
  • The caller who complained about Christmas music being played a month before Christmas needs to know I have to listen to artists who scream and yell and claim to sing 11 months out of the year. The Christmas music is only once a year so get over it.
  • Regarding President Obama's most recent secret agreement with Iran on nuclear bomb production: He says it is a great deal.  However, our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, says it is a disaster. With Obama's history of not telling the truth, who do you believe?
  • Megan Kelly of Fox News is so naive when it comes to Obamacare and the legal aspects of it. She acts like she knows nothing. She practiced law for 10 years. I worked around enough lawyers, paralegals and administrative law judges, and I know a lot more about the law than she does.
  • It is the uninsurable and the people who won't work for a living that are driving up the cost of insurance and health care. The cost of their care should be taken care of by them.
  • St. Albans needs a Bob Evans Restaurant.

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