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Your vents for Monday, December 9, 2013

  • I thought the police want the public to call in when drug dealing is going on? Why don't they do something about Quincy Hollow? We still have cars, vans, trucks and SUVs and even people walking up and down the road at all hours of the day and night. We call the police and nothing happens. We need some help.

  • I'm not a Scrooge, but I don't believe in opening the stores on Thanksgiving Day. Years ago we had the Blue Law and stores were closed on Sunday and that hasn't been too many years ago. I think stores should be closed on Thanksgiving.
  • Shelley Capito is going to have to choose one or the other. She claims to be for coal and gas. But as we all know gas is routing coal out. She needs to get on one side of the fence or the other.
  • This is to the person who was running their mouth about the 1.5 percent Social Security. We weren't planning on just that. We worked at a plant that the government and state let them go bankrupt. Now they have another company in the same building and they are giving them free money. We got nothing. We walked out having no retirement.
  • No, actually, the person who didn't know that you can make a right turn at a red light after stopping was an independent. They never know which way they are going. That is one of the reasons Democrats are changing and registering as independents.
  • Wow, I feel so much safer having the new ambassador to Japan, Ms. Kennedy, handling the very serious dispute with China over territorial rights. I started and have run my own businesses for years and I'll bet I have better credentials than hers. Now that is really scary.
  • It is pretty bad when Marshall sells football tickets for $20 and they still can't get their fans to show up. What is wrong with you guys?
  • Don't blame Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans for the big mess. They have to put up with Obama and a bunch of idiot Democrats.
  • Is it just me or does Rakeem Cato use the phrase "hello" an awful lot?
  • Obama has lied about Obamacare, so what else has he lied about? The people who put him in office got exactly what they voted for. History.
  • If the naysayers who complain about everything all of the time would read the Saturday column of Charles Krauthammer, they might learn something about the poor shape of our nation. This comment is based on the fact they can read. And bless their spouses who have to listen to them complain all the time.
  • Holgorsen turned in a losing record and no bowl game. How much of a raise will he get this year?
  • I don't know why the administration thinks the American people are morons. They are the morons. I mean, to hire a Canadian company whose CEO was Michelle's college roommate? That is suspect. If you could put a bunch of us in there to re-do the website, we could do it. We are smart. The government is not.
  • To all the people who are so worried about when President Obama goes on vacation: Congress will only be working eight more days this year. This gives them a total of 113 workdays in the entire 365-day year. Why don't you complain about this?
  • I'll bet their win record would increase to a minimum of 75 percent if WVU were to wear their true colors of blue and gold. You can call it superstitious, but check their win records where they wear blue and gold. It is true.
  • A former Obama senior adviser said by 2017, Obamacare will work really well, even though Obama leaves office in 2016. I have news for him. In 2016, Obamacare will be stopped in its tracks. Just mark my words.
  • To the person who wrote in to the Vent Line saying 100 million people will pay for 50 million people's free health care: His math is wrong. There's another 170 million people somewhere. The U.S. has 370 million people, or at least 320 million.
  • Salesmen come around, but they don't even know about a lot of new procedures if they don't keep up. A lot of those things go into a hospital's name and reputation.  
  • Holgorsen is looking forward to his next season with only one thing: dread because it might be his last season.
  • Oh, heavens to Betsy, now the Obamas are politicizing their love for each other.
  • This is to the idiot who called in and said the Israelis were warmongering and thinks that they are responsible for the United States getting into wars: Don't you know that Iran wants to blow Israel and the U.S. off of the map?
  • God said that in the last days, man would gain great knowledge. Examples of that are the Internet, computers, Google, etc., but man will lose his common sense. Examples of that are battles over Indian names for football games and trying to ban the name of Christmas, etc.
  • The super-whiny WVU fans should try this on for size. Marshall bothered to go ahead and beat the teams on their schedule unlike West Virginia. So that is why Marshall went to a championship game and West Virginia is not going to anything else.
  • I hope the two doctors on television were right - that Medicare patients won't find themselves standing in line for long and that they will find excellent medical care at a very reasonable price. I think that is going to be true. People are beginning to see it. Insurance agents are dropping the Advantage plan because they don't like it.
  • The beautiful Thanksgiving prayer written by Alice Fay Bragg was one of the most beautiful prayers that I have ever read. That advice should be followed all year long.
  • Now Rush Limbaugh is criticizing the pope. He said Pope Francis is talking like a Marxist. He thinks the pope doesn't know what he is saying. (Did someone else write this for him? Or has someone gotten to the pope?) Wow, does he think Jesus was a Marxist too?
  • Speaking of the city-provided garbage bags, if you don't like them then buy ones you do like. You can donate the ones you don't like to someone else.
  • No farms, no food. That is what is happening today. There is building going on everywhere, and after a while there will be no farms and no food.
  • If children are hungry, they will eat. If they don't, they may lose a little weight in America, but they will eat at school if they are hungry.
  • I've never seen a coyote in a house. If you keep your pets in the house, coyotes cannot get them.

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