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Your vents, Monday, Dec. 23

* The person wanting a stop sign erected on the St. Albans Interstate 64 on ramp has no business driving. Trying to merge into 70 mph traffic from a standing start would be worse than what's there now.

* These are the facts about the news channels: Fox is 5 percent news, 95 percent conservative opinion; MSNBC is 5 percent news, 95 percent liberal opinion; and CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC try to be neutral, but sometimes slip left or right. Thinking people know this, but it bears repeating.

* Yes, Charles Krauthammer would make a wonderful president  — of Israel, the country about which he cares the most.

* If Social Security is doing as good as government sites claim, why do they keep raising the retirement age, making it harder and harder for older workers to collect? Hint. The money isn't there because they funneled the money to other programs and gave it to others who never paid into the fund.

* The conservatives who keep promoting Charles Krauthammer for elective office are apparently the conservatives who lack the education and intellect to read and comprehend George Will. Krauthammer is just a dumbed down version of Will, which explains a lot.

* Isn't it amazing how war-like Israel is with our money and our military?

* Do the people blaming the GOP for blocking the Democrats in Congress realize the Democrats control the Senate? Yes, the GOP is jamming up the House but it's the Democrats doing the exact same thing in the Senate. Both parties are to blame for the mess in D.C.

* After reading that they want to take Christ out of Christmas I feel that if they do that then there is no reason for the season and we all should just quit giving gifts and stop all the shopping. How would the merchants like that?

* The people who watch the misnamed "Fox News" are being brainwashed (a minor job) into this socialism and communism baloney. Look up the word "fascist" and you will really see who runs this supposedly democratic country.

* "If the rest of the nation were as smart as West Virginians" . . .? Are you serious?

* We are all in this together. Let's please try to make it a merry Christmas for one another.

* The Charleston Gazette-Mail Short Takes on Dec. 14 is wrong and made another mistake. The Promise Scholarship is not paid for by state taxpayers. It is paid for by limited lottery revenue.

& I was hoping West Virginians had wised up a little, but look what big money brought in when they voted Morrisey in as attorney general. It reminds me of Don Blankenship's $3 million expenditure.

* I am very saddened and disappointed to hear that Elkview Baptist Church choir's Christmas concert has been canceled.

* Why can't we curb the population of deer like they control the prairie dogs in the west? We will never do this because too many little men get their jollies by killing defenseless animals. This is the second time I've called this in and it hasn't been in the paper. If it isn't printed this time I'll know that this is controlled by more little men.

* Christmas is from a good heart. What if it does have pagan roots? Does that mean you are pagan if you celebrate the most loved day of the year? Lighten up.


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