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Your vents, Thursday, Jan. 2

* There is a Dairy Queen in Sissonville and one in St. Albans, but I'd like one in Kanawha City.

* Eat more raw food; by that I mean cookie dough.

* With all of the problems that have cropped up on the Affordable Care Act, maybe now people will understand why the leadership of three national unions went on record as saying that it needed to be repealed. It wasn't just the Republicans. Will they please listen now and repeal it?

* Barack Obama is the president of the United States; Rush Limbaugh is a lying drug addict. That is the difference between them.

* Why is it when a young performer goes to Hollywood, they immediately become a complete damned fool; and when a person goes to Washington, DC, no matter to which party they belong, they immediately become corrupt and evil? Is it something in the water in those two cities?

* If Obamacare is overturned, insurance companies can stop covering you after they pay for a certain amount of your health care bills in your lifetime, will be able to deny you coverage if you already have health problems, and will be able to quit covering you if you get sick.

* I am sorry, but if you live in the great USA, your president is Obama. I didn't like Bush, but he was our president. Get a life.

* Booth Goodwin does his job and does it well. People should be glad to have someone who is honest and has integrity in the position instead of complaining because he may decide to run for some unknown office in the future. Since when is being ambitious a bad thing?

* Oh, for cryin' out loud, people, did none of you study civics in school? The First Amendment simply prevents government from infringing on your right to free speech. If your private sector employers find your narrow-minded, bigoted, homophobic comments objectionable (or detrimental to viewership or ad sales), they're well within their rights to fire you.

* So. If it's been proven raising wages doesn't cause business costs and prices to increase. Please explain why the cost of living keeps going up.

* I'm not surprised an anti-abortion doctor lies because anti-abortion people will do literally anything in their crazed crusade against women's rights.

* For accurate employment numbers you have to read beyond the positive headlines. Increases in some sectors are erased by decreases in others. Overall numbers aren't as positive as the headlines indicate.

* In South Charleston a gentleman with dark hair and a moustache driving a white pickup with "Terradon" on the door parked at a convenience store near an elderly homeless man with a dog. He exited the store and handed him several cans of dog food, several sandwiches and cash. He went to his truck and gave the elderly man a jacket. If a company's success is based on the character of its employees, then Terradon is head and shoulders above the rest.

* A teenager killed four people while driving drunk. There was no dispute that he was guilty, but his defense claimed it was because he was raised in a wealthy family. That defense worked: found guilty but judge gave him 10 years probation. Now the families of the dead are suing the boy and his family. I hope they get every dime the boy's family has.

* Rich people in this country pay more than half of the taxes in the U.S. So the next time you swipe your EBT card you better thank them.

* As usual, West Virginians complain if the education of their children interferes with anything else. The problem with education in our state is not Dr. Duerring; it's the parents.


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