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Your vents for Friday, Jan. 3

  • The most positive and joyful program on TV is The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is a shame that some won't watch it and denounce her because she's gay. Whenever we want something happy and uplifting we watch Ellen.  

    n Just want to remind all you Limbaugh lovers out there how he abandoned his conservative principles when he got into trouble with the law concerning his drug addiction a few years ago.

    n The Bible says, "A little child shall lead them." Thank you, Zoe Vickers (Dec. 19 Daily Mail), for reminding us to respect the beauty of W.Va. and volunteer to pick up trash. At least, we should not make it worse with our own trash!

    n It's sad that most people will believe what they are told or read in an old book, but won't believe the evidence presented by their eyes, ears and a reasoning brain.

    n I have been a patient at Thomas, CAMC Memorial and St. Francis hospitals over the last 18 years and I must say that in no case was I ever treated anyway except with respect, care and compassion. I am thankful of the care received on my stays at the local hospitals. If they hadn't cared I would very likely be dead now. I am a cancer survivor of 16 years because of caring people.

    n A recent poll showed more than 70 percent of those polled thought big government was the biggest threat to America. That is almost the same ratio of Americans who believe an invisible man lives in the sky and snakes talk. Coincidence?

    n Straight from the Manchin family political playbook: Tell everyone what they want to hear, only take a stand against the Democrats when you aren't the swing vote, and quietly support party leadership when commanded, regardless of what the folks back home want, with absolute confidence the straight-ticket voters who put you there will have forgotten all about it by the time the next election rolls around.

    n Bah humbug to Robert Saunders who is not up to the "chore" of remembering his friends with a simple Christmas card. What a downer of an article — especially for the Neighbor section of the paper.

    n The American Tort Reform Association wants to shield big corporations and the wealthy from liability when they harm us little people. Rich folks sure spend a lot of energy and money holding us down.

    n I agree with the person who said we paid into Social Security for years. I am now retired and am receiving it. The person who commented on cutting it probably has never paid into it.

    n If you want to see a quality basketball game, West Virginia Tech plays Bluefield College on Saturday at the South Charleston Community Center. Be there and you will really enjoy it. I guarantee.

    n My son is 49. He works full-time at minimum wage. After rent, utilities, gas and food he is broke, so how is he supposed to be able to pay for health insurance as well? The DHHR says he makes too much money.

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