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Your vents for Friday, January 10, 2013

  • If West Virginia had been just a little bit patient and stayed where they were they could have had that ACC slot that Louisville stole from them. They would not have had to drive so far to play. It looks like Florida State from the ACC is playing in the national championship. How smart was that?

  • I would like to thank all of my newspaper customers in Marmet and Lens Creek for their generosity to me this past Christmas. It was greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you to the man in Dunbar for blowing the snow off of our porches and sidewalks. It was greatly appreciated because we are all in our 80s.
  • Wow, Charleston is $800,000 short in its collection of B&O taxes. Well, I'll bet South Charleston is up $800,000 in theirs because Danny Jones has run every stick of business out of town. Way to go.
  • I would like to know why the paper has stopped being delivered to the doors at the Unity Building in South Charleston. These are elderly people and are up to 99 years old here. We cannot get downstairs to get them.
  • Two weeks and no Alice Faye Bragg. Is she OK?
  • If we fail to stop the talking and texting while driving, what gives people the idea we will be able to control legalizing marijuana? You people need to wake up.
  • People who whiten their upper teeth should also whiten their lower ones. It shows.
  • Was Rockefeller the worst governor we ever had or the worst senator? Him being the West Virginian of the year is just ridiculous.
  • It appears President Obama and his Democrat buddies in the party have a war on Catholics.
  • America has taken a beating over the last six years. To think of another Democrat running our nation sends chills up my spine.
  • I'll bet you can't guess why I won't be watching the Green Bay Packers play football anymore.
  • Yeah, I want to comment on the Vent Line where somebody wrote they wanted Beetle Bailey back in the paper. I do too. I miss it terribly. So please put Beetle Bailey back in.
  • We should measure welfare's success by how many leave welfare, not by how many are added. This is a quote from Ronald Reagan who I wish was still in office today.
  • What is the government going to do now, come into your home to inspect the kind of light bulbs you are using? Pretty soon we're not going to be able to breathe in this country.
  • To whoever wrote that liberals are trying to destroy Christianity: The Middle East country that had the largest Christian presence was Iraq before Bush gave Iraq its freedom. Saddam Hussein actually protected Christians. They had great churches and could worship as they pleased. After Bush, the churches were bombed and Christians were killed or became refugees.
  • I see where the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Jackson Kelly. Now you know who is cheating the people. The judges are wrong. The miners have black lung.  
  • I enjoyed the story on Jay Rockefeller. Our state needs more like people him.
  • Please bring your pets inside this winter. How would you like to be out there on a chain in this cold, cold weather. Bring your pets in.
  • It is a shame what they are doing to the public libraries. Poor children; I pity them.
  • I think that Fat Patty's or Ruby Tuesday restaurant would be perfect where the Shoney's restaurant was.


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