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Your vents for Monday, January 27, 2013

  • Even after phone calls to the governor's office, state Attorney General's Office and the state tax office, we can't get Charleston to stop illegally taxing us in Sissonville and Nitro. What are we paying officials for? Come election time, we will vote them out.

  • If Danny Jones and city council are going to sue over the water situation, then they should comply with it and give the citizens of Charleston a discount on our sewage bill. When they sue, they will get the money back anyway.
  • The water is still poisoned because if it weren't, it wouldn't have this odor.
  • I would like to thank the caller who spoke about the doe and her twin fawns. I also find deer hunters disgusting. They go out and blow a deer to pieces and then go home and pet their dogs and call themselves animal lovers.
  • Lying to get into office is an American tradition.
  • Jeff McIntyre of the W.Va. American Water Co. drank a big glass of water on the news. Would he permit his grandchildren drink this same water? I doubt it.
  • In response to the caller who said there isn't enough traffic in St. Albans to support a large restaurant and that is why Sonic went out: Sonic is not a large restaurant. But if you let Cheddar's come, you will see people from Nitro, Cross Lanes and other places will go there.
  • Senators and congressmen should be permitted to serve for only eight years apiece. They would then be more concerned with what is right for this nation and less concerned about their continuing careers.
  • Two things are inevitable: death and taxes. The difference is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.
  • I do not need drugs, and I will not take them.
  • I thought Pearls Before Swine was bad enough. Now they have Tundra. In my opinion, both of these comic strips stink. Please bring back Beetle Bailey.
  • In response to the Jan. 8 newspaper article about owners being open to wage increases: It said they are trying to implement it in a way so people will not lose hours. People will lose jobs anyway due to corporate greed, plain and simple. They are not going to lose money at the top.
  • Dennis Rodman is an embarrassment to all Americans. The State Department should cancel his passport. Anyone who would make friends with an enemy of the United States is in the same category as Edward Snowden.
  • Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is being railroaded by the likes of either Hillary Clinton's camp or the Republicans who are "more conservative" than he is. Both sides are afraid of his appeal to the American voters. Obviously the bridge work needed to be done. He should release more information and fire anyone who needs to be taken down.
  • The White House and President Obama are slamming Robert Gates' new book called "Duty." It goes into detail of Obama's foreign policy and how he handles military matters, especially in Afghanistan. He has every right to write this book. This is not a communist country.
  • Television preachers make fun of one another. They bottle miracle water. They even claim to have a blanket used to wrap Jesus in. They are all out there for the same reason: to get the poor people's money. I don't even think they believe in God. If they did, they'd be afraid to get up on television and do these things.
  • People are always criticizing the police. A very nice police officer pulled me over, and I didn't have any trouble with her. I never do.
  • Boy, you know it is cold when the outside temperature gets lower than the Senate's approval rating. Whew, I'm ready for summer.
  • Does anyone know what happened to Aqualung?
  • Michelle Obama is a very lucky lady to be spending her birthday in Hawaii with Oprah Winfrey. The taxpayers are not paying for it.
  • For the caller who wanted to call the Parkersburg couple hypocrites about a Klan flier: If you want to take their rights away for saying their opinion, you are also a hypocrite. Everyone has a right to give an opinion, just like you.
  • Would someone please take the time to tell our so-called attorney general what his authority is? He obviously doesn't know. I can assure you the Legislature, nor the legislative auditors, want nor need his help.
  • Why didn't they check on Gus Douglass when he was in the Department of Agriculture? They should have audited him and done something. He is a crook.
  • Adults encouraged a toddler to say vile words and curse words in a video that was on YouTube. They should be arrested for child abuse. He was just repeating what the adults said.
  • I don't need anyone around who disagrees with me. Period. They should all die and go to you know where.
  • On those commercials where people say they owe the IRS a certain amount of money, but they settled with the IRS for much less, does it mean they are cheating the government and ultimately the rest of us who pay our fair share of taxes?
  • I'm a Republican, but the buck doesn't stop with Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. He is in no way responsible for this water crisis. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and decide for themselves whether to drink the water. The government is not your mother.
  • Bob Huggins is to be commended for his long-range winning percentage. Unfortunately, his performance at WVU has been much less than commendable except for his first couple of years at WVU with John Beilein's recruiting.
  • It overwhelms me that hair salons are inspected by the state at least two to three times a year and chemical storage sites are not inspected for years. I guess a dirty comb or brush is more harmful than chemicals.
  • Checking back, Freedom had their chemicals here when Manchin was in office, so it isn't all on Earl Ray. It may go back to Rockefeller. Now they step up when federal laws change. It is always after a crisis.
  • I just received my water bill today, and it was the largest it has ever been. I thought we were supposed to get a discount on all of the flushing we did, but I guess we were charged for that too.
  • I blame Homeland Security for a lot of this water fiasco. They go up and down that river every day, but yet they don't know what is on the banks of the mighty Elk River.
  • Our government has the Senate and House of Representatives who are the lawmakers. However, Obama has decided to do it himself. That is not his job according to the Constitution.

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