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On Retirement: Closet cleaning reveals hidden treasures

Our 9-year-old granddaughter wasn’t particularly interested in looking at the certificates and awards her father garnered in school, but she delighted in deciphering his handwritten thank-you notes, jokes included, and the short letter he wrote ...

On Retirement: unexpected visitor finds old memories
On Retirement: unexpected visitor finds old memories

Like many rural West Virginians, we live on a curving, one-lane gravel road avoided by most larger vehicles, like the mammoth heavy-duty tractor I saw slowing, stopping, backing and then pulling close to our mailbox last month.

Perhaps, I...

On Retirement: Gaining weight can be a challenge, too

The Daily Mail’s popular Food Guy, Steven Keith, in a recent column told of his success in losing about 15 pounds with exercise and a focus on fresh vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, rather than severely cutting food consumption....

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