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Jeremy Richardson:

W.Va. economy needs diversified as coal jobs dwindle

Hoppy Kercheval: Did public lose faith in the W.Va. justice system?

Dismissed charges against a justice’s son raise questions

Sunil Dutta: Advice from a police officer

If you don’t want to get hurt, do not challenge the police

Paul Hill, Ph.D.: College pride runs deep in West Virginia; support for student success should too

Support for student success should too

Howard Swint: The reason for coal emission restrictions

Today’s technology can right a massive historical wrong

Stephen N. Reed: It’s not too late for West Virginia’s economy

For state growth, eliminate the tax on business equipment by Stephen N. Reed

James Young: PSC regulations discourage recycling in West Virginia

Monopoly on waste haulers discourages pick up services

by James Young

Masoud Barzani: U.S. help is needed to prevent Islamic state horrors

Kurd leader describes perilous situation

John Buckley: There’s a third candidate in the U.S. Senate race

Libertarians represent a new generation of voters

Hoppy Kercheval: Tight state budget ahead, but no across the board cuts

No across the board cuts in Tomblin’s budget memo

Shaming is no substitute for corporate tax reform

Halt inversions with a competitive

US tax policy

Many reasons to shop at a West Virginia farmers’ market

Eat fresh and help the local economy

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