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Letter to the editor: Working hard to get ahead still works

As government continues to move into every aspect of our life, the current push to establish a $15 minimum wage per hour could be the most regressive and foolish idea of our current crop of “professional” lawmakers.

Thomas Sowell,...

Letter to the editor: Let all parties join the Senate debates

Our Republican form of government is facing multiple threats on every front imaginable. One of these is the control of the electoral process by the two big parties.

In a very important U.S. Senate race in our state of West Virginia, all third-...

Letter to the editor: We reap what we sow

I wish to assuage the “fear” produced by the written and televised news.

Personally, if I didn’t believe God has a plan, I’d have jumped off of a cliff long ago.

There’s the Ebola plague, ISIS...

Letter to the editor: Marcellus shale is a blessing from above

Our country is truly blessed with natural resources and our quality of life. We are blessed once more by the discovery of the natural gas in shale formations and the ability to recover it. We now have an abundance of energy and the chance to become...

Letter to the editor: Include third-party candidates, too

The Oct. 7 U.S. Senate candidates debate will be exclusively open to the Democrat and Republican candidates, determined by arbitrary polling results and communicated to me on my Kickoff Tour.

The “chosen” have campaigned for four...

Larry Kump: Thanks to West Virginia’s finest

One of West Virginia’s finest recently came to my rescue.More specifically, my car went completely kaput during rush hour evening traffic on Interstate 64 West in Charleston, and I barely was able to get off the road.


Letter to the editor: Tennant shouldn’t block candidate

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant denies a speedy decision on the issue of a replacement candidate for the 35th Houuse of Delegates district.

Could this decision be due to the fact she is falling so far behind in her attempt to become a U.S....

Letter to the editor: Ed Rabel deserves more respect

As a Charleston native living in Miami, retired NBC News correspondent and former colleague of Ed Rabel, I am stunned and appalled by the shoddy treatment this honorable man and distinguished journalist is receiving as he attempts to be elected in...

Letter: Coal companies should try inverse condemnation

The coal industry has been receiving a great deal of publicity lately. Most deals with new and harmful regulations by the Obama administration, which has resulted in many instances of a physical or regulatory taking of the owner’s property....

Letter to the editor: Obamacare does work in W.Va.

Anyone with firsthand experience with the Affordable Care Act in West Virginia knows the statements Rep. Shelley Moore-Capito gives in her TV ad attacking Obamacare consists only of often-repeated myths.

I am a licensed professional health...

Letter to the editor: What happened to the entrepreneurs?

In reference to the August 9 column by Robert Samuelson concerning entrepreneurs: I am not an economist and do not have access to the information he has.

I am in the trenches fighting the everyday battles of being in business in this country...

Letter to the editor: This election hinges on mountaintop mining

Natalie Tennant would benefit by a large voter turnout and by voters that normally do not go to the polls to vote.

With the issue of mountaintop mining, there needs to be enforcement and regulations to reclaim and reconstruct the ruins and...

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