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Frank Mullens: Setting the record straight

As mayor of South Charleston, I have tried to take the high road while my opponent in the upcoming election continues to make false and misleading accusations.

While these accusations may seem new to most, the fact is he has made these same...

Larry Harrison: So this is how Obamacare works

So King Obama has said that he is going to help the middle class.

I consider myself as probably barely in the lower side of the middle class. So what has he done for me?

First of all I worked over 41 years in two different chemical...

Letter: GoodNight 2014 a huge success

GoodNight 2014 was another fantastic evening with an outstanding variety of talent.

The crowds at all locations were excellent. GoodNight continues, as we celebrate our 20th year, showcasing the “best of the best!” Twenty-seven...

Bob Anderson: Governor Moore did good

In my career I have traveled and set up groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies for five different governors.

Three years ago I sent Gov. Arch A. Moore Jr. a letter informing him of the traffic counts for Corridor G.

He called me...

Letter: Be wary of unionization

As Teamsters union organizers make a concerted push here in Kanawha County, I believe it’s important to highlight the many risks of unionization.

Certainly, the first that comes to mind is a constant fear of work stoppages and strikes....

Jim Meddings: Support the police

I was a police officer for 13 years, and it really bothers me the way police are treated today.

No one who has never done the job can understand what it takes to do it day after day, knowing few respect you for it.

If you have never been a ...

Glenn Jeffries: Ending prevailing wage will hurt local companies

As a construction contractor I have noticed suggestions for our new Republican majorities to repeal our state’s prevailing wage law.

I feel that would be a disaster for our state.

The suggestions appear to come from those who ...

Michael Arbogast: Thanks from South Charleston High School

The faculty, staff, and students at South Charleston High School sincerely thank all of those who have reached out to support us during the recent tragedy involving our school.

We have been inundated with calls, emails, cards and...

Steve Kopa: Clothe the poor and feed the hungry

Conservative tea party members and conservative extraordinary pundit Thomas Sowell have somewhere in their conservative agenda changed their personality and evolved into becoming an extraordinary elitist group.

With all their rhetoric...

Lt. Gen. Dennis Benchoff: Safe walking should be a priority

George Will’s recent column (Another Case for Term Limits, Dec. 5) unfairly classifies the Safe Routes to School Program as a wasteful use of federal...

Dr. Ehteshamul Haque: Islamic Association condemns murders

The Islamic Association of West Virginia condemns barbaric murder of American Muslim humanitarian relief worker and Indiana native Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig at the hands of the terrorist group that calls itself “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,...

Mike Harman: Net neutrality means not charging extra

The Daily Mail’s Nov. 19 editorial about “net neutrality” typically couches the supporters of it as “liberals and Internet activists,...

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