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Letter: Confederate flag symbolizes history

As a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, I ask readers to remember and respect all the people who died -- men, women and children -- for what the Confederate Battle Flag represented -- and it wasn’t slavery.

A large percentage of the...

Letter to the editor: Library levy will better Kanawha County

Kanawha County voters have a great opportunity beginning with early voting from Oct. 22 to Nov. 1, and Election Day, on Nov. 4. They can save a critical public resource by voting YES for the library levy.

This levy is dedicated to continuing the ...

Letter to the editor: Why should youth vote for Alex Mooney?

As an 18-year-old University of Charleston freshman, the national debt of $17,878,984,992,654.93 and rising every second is a serious threat to my future that I can’t ignore.

Unfortunately, too many politicians in Washington don’t ...

Letter to the editor: Pray for all our leaders to do right

Never ask how corrupt something or someone can be, because you just may find out.

There’ve always been those who fit this description, due to selfishness, greed and their own lust for power.

Throughout history we can find...

Letter to the editor: Tennant and Gainer will push the nation forward

There are three types of elected officials; those who do nothing; those who oppose those who try to do something; and those who try to move the country forward by sponsoring or voting for progressive legislation.

Republican Reps. David McKinley ...

Letter to the editor: Monongahela National Forest can help state economy

A Daily Mail editorial last week on “What’s holding West Virginia back?” quoted WVU business school experts as saying, “West Virginia...

Letter to the editor: Democrats ignore our real problems

Once again we are faced with the decision to define what America stands for. All elections are important and the Spirit of America demands our participation.

It is a basic American right that is also a sacred responsibility....

Tennant failed on ballot substitution

Our hyper-partisan Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, supporter and follower of Barack Obama, follows his lead while moving ahead for completely partisan political reasons, while utterly flaunting and ignoring the law.

Along with...

Letter to the editor: Proposal helps only the Boy Scouts

West Virginians are asked to approve an amendment to the state constitution this November, a change to the fundamental document for governing our state.

You would think that something as ginormous and significant as a constitutional amendment...

Letter to the editor: Send a postcard to a fifth-grader in California

I am a student at B. Gale Wilson Elementary School in Fairfield, Calif. I am in the fifth grade and Ms. Andrus is my teacher. When I am out of school I like to get out my iPod and text or read.

Ms. Andrus is helping my class do research on one...

Letter to the editor: Let all candidates in the debate

What’s the deal with the fake debate being held on Oct. 7 for U.S. Senate candidates?

I heard on Hoppy Kercheval’s August 15 Talkline radio show where he interviewed Natalie Tennant and she said “it’s fine with...

Fred Joseph: Keep pushing for single member districts

The Daily Mail’s Sept. 29 editorial piece on single delegate districts was great. I have spoken with many citizens on this topic. Almost 100 percent agree...

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