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Letter to the editor: Fred H. Joseph: Rahall’s seniority is no help to voters

A vent in Vent Line on July 4 said we cannot afford to lose Congressman Rahall because in losing Sens. Byrd and Rockefeller, we would lose the ability to generate federal funding for the 3rd District of West Virginia.

Ironically, for all of...

Letter: President dismisses the U.S. Constitution

President dismisses the U.S. Constitution

Perhaps recent earthquakes are caused by our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves attempting to get the attention of our president and members of Congress.

Surely, something must...

Letter: Capito needs to help free reservist

I express concern about the United States treatment, or lack thereof, of Marine Reservist Andrew Tahmooressi. The combat veteran is stuck in a Mexican prison because he inadvertantly took a wrong turn and drove into Mexico carring three U.S.-...

Letter to the editor: Thanks to post office in South Charleston

For a number of years we have asked the South Charleston Post Office to pave the parking lot at their D Street facility.

Recently the Post Office paved the parking lot, marked the entrance and exit with new signs and painted the facility inside...

Letter to Editor: Transport the urban deer

With all due respect to Charleston’s Urban Deer Hunt, it is obvious to all by now that it’s not working.

There are more deer than ever in my Windsor Forest neighborhood, gobbling all the flowers in sight, and I expect the same is...

Letter to the editor: Americans are awakening from their slumbers

If we look back at America’s history, we will see there was a huge price paid by many courageous men and women.

Battlefields ran red with their blood, but it did not stop their determination to leave a better America for all those who...

Paul Epstein: Looking for climate change solutions

The Daily Mail is right to title Tom Harris’s Friday, June 6, op-ed “War on coal (is) driven by deceptive language,” but it is he and other climate change deniers who created that false phrase and are supported by money from the...

Lawrence B. Lyon Jr.: A problem worse than global warming

Recently President Obama said the greatest threat to mankind is global warming.

If the world was getting warmer, then his statement might be true, but the world is not getting warmer. The world was warmer a thousand years ago than it is now....

John A. Hartley: Plants followed biblical advice

Letter to the editor

This letter is to all the people in Kanawha County and it is about your prosecuting attorney, Mr. Plants.

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible?

If you do, then read Proverbs 13:24. “He that...

Government aided shale gas growth

A recent column by Hoppy Kercheval wrongly states that the revolution in shale development was the product of the “free market.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Federal investments and involvement in the development of...

Letter: Roger Samples: Leave no troops in Afghanistan

An open letter to President Obama:

While campaigning for office for your your first term as President of our country and Commander in Chief of the Military, you were clear on the issue of ending the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan....

Letter to editor: Cass Sunstein is too liberal for Daily Mail’s editorial page

I was truly surprised to open the Daily Mail on May 23rd and discover an editorial page commentary by Cass Sunstein. Allowing print space to this man is to serve the progressive (read liberal or socialist) agenda that the Obama administration espouses,...

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