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Megan McArdle: Have it your way, eh, at Burger King

The problem is with American taxation, not Burger King

Ramesh Ponnuru: Lowering tax rates, keeping credits

How to reduce taxes without busting the federal budget

Petula Dvorak: Leaving kids alone isn’t child abuse

Walking to the store on the corner should be part of life

Thomas Sowell: Heavily armed police quell riots

Talk of militarized police is not based on the evidence

Michelle Malkin: The Ferguson feeding frenzy

Racial narcissism trumps actually reporting the facts

Thomas Sowell: The media fed the mob in Ferguson

Politics undermines the rule of law and presumed innocence

Thomas Sowell: Random thoughts on the passing scene

The presumption of guilt via CNN

George Will: Why Americans grow to resent the fed’s Cupcake Cops

The Cupcake Cops regulate bake sales, and creep into all aspects of our lives

Robert J. Samuelson: “The McDonald’s theory of international relations“

Free trade, though, may no longer be enough for peacxe

Michelle Malkin: Meet the cops who gave their lives

Where is the protest for killing Officer Scott Patrick?

George Will: Into a new void?

In military matters, being tentative is not the answer

Michelle Malkin: The K Street President

Despite campaign rhetoric, lobbyists set the agenda in DC

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