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George Will: Curb your pessimism

Be aware of the danger of acting on unwarranted panic

Michelle Malkin: Government dependency doesn’t create jobs, it kills them

Nation’s jobless rate dropped after unemployment benefits ran out

Robert Samuelson: Twisted priorities of a graying nation

Spending for aging population grows while it shrinks for everything else

Petula Dvorak: Kids most in need get scant attention

Media focuses on minor issues for affluent kids while the poor are invisible

Robert Samuelson: Austerity on trial

Economic measures were beginning to succeed before left-wing party won big

Charlie Nichols: Hunting revenues should go toward WMAs

Wildlife Management Areas, not state parks, deserve hunting and fishing revenues

Michelle Malkin: Obama’s bloody Yemen disaster

White House has allowed jihad to fester in Yemen

Megan McArdle: Fill up on cheap gas while you can

Fill up on cheap gas while you can

Robert Samuelson: The economy’s Achilles’ heel

US is exposed to foreign surprises as global economic crisis continues

George Will: Vermont’s Sanders has mountains to climb

Without big donors, which he disdains, independent won’t get on state ballots

Charles Krauthammer: Nylons for nothing

Obama strategy: Give everything away, get nothing

George Will: A strike against rent-seeking

Judge notes that ‘certificates of

necessity’ illegally restrict competition

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