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Dinner prepared from pool to plate

Not only is The Food Boy still making his own meals, now he's catching them, too.

A few weeks ago, I shared my 7-year-old's growing interest in food and how he recently has been looking up or creating his own recipes to make and serve to the family.

But Isaac took that task to new heights (or depths, in this case) when he and brothers older and younger went out to catch the West Virginia trout we devoured Sunday night.

Family friend Jim Selbe invited the boys to Cato Pool's kids-only fishing derby this weekend, so we set out Saturday morning with poles, bait and a fierce determination to catch dinner.

And catch they did. Isaac's line had been in the water only a few seconds when he hooked a beauty - a fat, shiny rainbow trout that he proudly held up for all to see. That is, until it wriggled out of his hands to a chorus of squeals from him and surrounding amateur anglers.

Never fear, we snagged him back and soon added two more to the day's catch when Isaac scored another and Adam followed with the biggest of them all. Five-year-old Ryan said he'll get 'em next year.

After packing up our gear, we went out to the parking lot to gut (sorry, reality) the fish and pack them on ice. This dirty part of the job was NOT the highlight of their day, although they alternated between covering their eyes and getting closer while Mr. Jim, as the boys call him, worked his magic.

When we got home, Isaac insisted on helping me remove the heads, cut off the tails, then clean and filet the flesh. By help, I mean watch, but he never took his eyes off my work at hand.

Once the filets were ready, we debated how to enjoy them, thinking a Sunday night fish fry might be the way to go. But we decided we really wanted to "taste" the fresh fish we caught and probably shouldn't drown it in batter and grease.

So we simply basted the filets with butter and dusted them with Old Bay before sauteing in a sizzling pan until beautifully bronzed.

It was a delicious meal that tasted even better knowing it had come from "pool to plate" by our own hands.

Thanks, Mr. Jim, for an awesome day and dinner!

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  • In last week's glowing review of the new Recovery Sports Grill in downtown Charleston, I did include one head-scratching comment over the restaurant's name.

    Recovery, I asked?

    After the article ran, waitress Suzi Harvey Facebooked me (that's a verb, right?) with an explanation . . .

    "I read your article and it was excellent," she said.

    Oh, go on.

    "I did notice that you were confused as to why it is named Recovery. The first restaurant is located across from Albany Medical Center in New York. They named it the Recovery Room Sports Grill because of its close proximity to the hospital.

    "They not only hoped the restaurant would cater to the local sports buffs, but also serve as an escape for those who were at the hospital during a trying time. It would be their place to 'recover.' They eventually decided to change the name from Recovery Room Sports Grill to Recovery Sports Grill."

    Now I know. And feel a little bad for making fun.

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