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Woman charged with child neglect

By From staff reports

An East End woman was charged with child neglect after police found her passed out while high on methadone in her home.

Shannon Nichole Cochran, 33, of Dixie Street was arrested Friday evening.

Cochran's son went to a neighbor's house that afternoon. The neighbor told officers she took the boy back to his home but found Cochran inside "looking as if she was going to pass out," according to a complaint.

The neighbor told Cochran she would watch the child for a few more hours. She found the door locked when she tried to take him back. She told officers she entered through an open window.

She called for help after finding Cochran passed out on a bed. Police also had to enter through the window.

Cochran was passed out with a man identified as Francis Boyle. Police were able to wake her after a few minutes. When asked if she knew where her son was, she responded, "No," the complaint said.

Officers found clothes all over the home, dirty dishes in the sink, a refrigerator full of rotting food, another refrigerator with mold inside and a white powdery substance and a straw on a silver container in a bedroom.

Officers said there was no place for the child to sleep because of piled-up trash. The child was removed from the home.

Cochran remains at South Central Regional Jail on $25,000 bond.



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