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Sissonville man faces new charges after home confinement

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Sissonville man arrested in 2010 after he was found with multiple weapons, including two homemade bombs, was in court again Thursday to face new charges.

William Allen Anderson, 47, of Martins Branch was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for burglary and unlawful wounding. That incident stemmed from what Anderson said was a bad drug deal.

Anderson injured two victims with a hunting knife and they required medical attention for their wounds.

But Kanawha Circuit Court Judge Carrie Webster said she recognized Anderson's plea for help with a drug addiction and said she would reconsider his sentence after he has served at least one year.

He pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and unlawful wounding. Anderson said he purchased cocaine from two men and then, when he discovered it was fake, began scuffling with them in an effort to get his money back.

Anderson had just completed a two-year home confinement sentence for the weapons charges when he was arrested again. He told the judge he believed he had kicked his drug habit while in confinement, but he had not.

He cried as he apologized.

"I'm so sorry for what happened," Anderson said. "I feel so bad for the victims. I don't know how my life has got to this point."

Anderson said he has dreams and nightmares that drive him to use drugs. 

Webster said she wanted Anderson to get treatment, but couldn't overlook the seriousness of his crimes.

In June 2010, Anderson was walking on Madison Street on the West Side and a resident alerted police when he walked up on his porch carrying guns. Police drew their weapons on Anderson and later found two guns under his trench coat.

A search of his vehicle turned up more weapons -- shotguns, assault rifles, ammunition and two explosive devices. A bomb squad was called to defuse the devices and the area was evacuated for several hours.

"The first time you were before me there were some very, potentially dangerous charges," Webster said. "But the victim pleaded for leniency and I placed you on home confinement.

"Crimes related to drugs put people in situations where others can get hurt," she said. "You've had two crimes that are not insignificant. And in this case, somebody did get hurt."

Assistant Prosecutor Ken Starcher asked for incarceration for Anderson, and Webster agreed. But she said that if he completes a year in jail without problems she will consider releasing him to a drug treatment program run by Union Mission.

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