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Dunbar man pleads guilty to burglary

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A Dunbar man pleaded guilty to burglary in Kanawha Circuit Court, bringing the state close to wrapping up years of cases against him. 

Gary Wayne Mullins, 51, has a history of scamming homeowners and the elderly, and police have arrested him multiple times. Last year, a jury found him guilty of kidnapping and stealing money from a Kanawha City senior citizen. 

He is serving a 25-year prison sentence for that crime involving the father of a local attorney.

Monday, Mullins pleaded guilty to two counts of daytime robbery and entering without breaking in connection with thefts in the Woodbridge development in April 2011.

In those thefts, Mullins walked into one home and stole a wallet and credit cards while the homeowner was there. There were multiple reports that he entered homes under false pretenses and asked for cash or prescription medications.

Some victims said Mullins tried to convince them he was a Fed-Ex driver. Several identified him as driving a red pickup truck.

He went on trial a year ago in the case of 84-year-old George Jacobs, former owner of The Strand restaurant and Arcade Tobacco. Jacobs testified that Mullins approached him in the parking lot of the Kanawha City Kroger and asked for money.

He convinced Jacobs to drive to his home and get cash, and then repeatedly showed up at his home requesting more. Sometimes, Jacobs said Mullins made him drive to an ATM to get money.

Jacobs said Mullins ordered him not to speak to his family about the $6,000 he gave him and the elderly man told jurors he was too embarrassed and scared to do so.

Jacobs died the day after he testified in that trial.

Assistant Prosecutor Erica Lord called Mullins a career criminal. He has a long list of arrests and indictments going back to at least the 1980s.

Also in 2011, Mullins was arrested for attempting to steal furniture from a West Side resident who was in the process of moving.

Police said he was the suspect in a rash of burglary attempts in the parking lot of the Nitro Wal-Mart. Victims identified him as wearing "God-awful red shoes."

He was expected to go on trial this week for the daytime robberies, but decided to plead guilty just before a jury was selected.

Circuit Judge Charles King will sentence him at a later date.

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