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Man accused of installing video camera in bathroom

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A Jackson County man accused of filming family members in the bathroom of his home now awaits a grand jury to hear his case.

Jerry Burdette, 42, of Kenna, waived his preliminary hearing on March 18 in Jackson Magistrate Court, Jackson Chief Deputy Herb Faber said.

Faber said deputies arrested Burdette earlier this month after a lengthy investigation into allegations he had been filming family members in the bathroom.

The chief deputy said they were called to Burdette's Kenna home in September to investigate after two family members and a friend, all minors who were at the home visiting, noticed something unusual in Burdette's bathroom.

Faber said a small surveillance camera had been installed in the heating register in the ceiling.

The girls noticed a blue light on the camera and alerted authorities, the chief deputy said.

Deputies went to the home, found the camera and traced the wires to a monitor in Burdette's bedroom.

Burdette told deputies the camera had been in the bathroom for several months and he had installed it to deter theft, Faber said.

He has been charged with sexual exploitation by a parent and is free on bond.


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