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Judge says woman needs to compensate for boyfriend's stabbing

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A judge wants a woman who stabbed her boyfriend in the back while intoxicated to compensate the community for the expense and trouble she caused.

The victim didn't want Patricia Wilson punished. But Kanawha Circuit Judge Tod Kaufman felt differently.

Wilson, 49, of St. Albans was charged with malicious wounding of Wilfred McQuabbie, who is in his 60s. The victim tried to decline medical attention when an ambulance arrived on Jan. 26. 

But EMT Kelly Keene testified Thursday that the man was bleeding profusely from a two-inch deep gash in his back made with a butcher knife.

On the way to the hospital he "crashed," Keene said, and the efforts of the EMTs and the attention of emergency room staff at Thomas Memorial Hospital may have saved his life.

Kaufman used Wilson's sentencing hearing as an opportunity to point out that medical professionals and first responders assisted the victim despite his financial or insurance status, or any other factors.

And it didn't come cheap -- the victim's hospital bill alone came to about $9,000 -- and at least four county responders were dispatched to aid him.

Wilson waived indictment by a grand jury and pleaded guilty to domestic battery. She spent 30 days in jail.

"She's already served enough time for what she did," Kaufman said. "Now it's time for rehabilitation and getting her back into society.

"But she needs to compensate for the time, money and difficulty this stabbing caused," the judge said. "I know she can't pay that bill. But community service might be what she can do."

Wilson was shaking and crying during her hearing.

"I am very sorry for what I did," she said. "And I would do community service."

Kaufman ordered a 60-day probation, and Wilson is to work at a St. Albans food pantry and soup kitchen for a minimum of an hour each day. She is also to undergo alcohol addiction treatment.

Her court-appointed attorney, Ronnie Sheets, told the judge Wilson was drunk when she stabbed her boyfriend.

"She recognizes she needs alcohol treatment," Sheets said. "The victim is still in love with her and he wants them to marry. She was very intoxicated at the time, and he recognizes that."

Kaufman responded, "I don't care about her relationship with the person she stabbed. And I don't care what he thinks. I care about her responsibility to society. How can she pay something back?"

Sheets said the outstanding hospital bill, after public assistance kicked in, was $119. "So somebody else is taking care of it," Kaufman said. "You talk about the taxpayers' cost of incarcerating her, but who do you think is paying these bills?"


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