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Second man arrested in connection with Pinch home invasions

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Kanawha County deputies have arrested a second man in connection to brutal home invasions in Pinch in late February.

Casey Michael Givens, 21, of Elkview turned himself in to officers early Wednesday morning, said Cpl. B.D. Humphreys. Givens is being charged with attempted first-degree burglary, first degree robbery and two counts of nighttime burglary.

Deputies had arrested Aaron B. Chapman, 21, of Mace Street in Pinch, in connection with the case on March 25.

Chapman waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday and his case will be presented to a grand jury. He remains in South Central Regional Jail on $130,000 bond.

Both are accused of breaking into 74-year-old Pinch resident Ramona Jones' home on Church Road during the early morning hours of Feb. 28. Jones was beaten before her 32-inch flat screen television was stolen.

Jones suffered a subdural hematoma, two punctured lungs, several fractured ribs, a fractured clavicle, fractured vertebrae, and several fractured ribs. A family member found Jones unresponsive on the floor of her home later that day.  

She is still recovering from her injuries in an area hospital, Humphreys said.

The pair also allegedly attempted to rob Frank Mace, 59, of Mace Street, that same night.

Givens and Chapman were allegedly drinking and smoking marijuana on Feb. 27, according to the criminal complaint. The pair allegedly began talking about breaking into homes in the area.

The two then allegedly asked Chapman's roommate, Seth Gregg, 24, for a crowbar to use in the robberies.

According to statements from Gregg, Chapman and Givens dressed in dark clothing before heading out to Mace's house, according to the criminal complaint.

Gregg allegedly told Givens and Chapman that Mace was at home, but the pair did not respond and only looked at him, according to the complaint. The pair lives on Mace Street a short distance from Mace. 

The next day, Gregg also allegedly asked Chapman if he "beat" Jones during the robbery, according to the criminal complaint. Chapman allegedly told Gregg that he and Givens beat Jones.

A bloodhound was brought in to track the two during the initial investigation, according to the criminal complaint.

The bloodhound sniffed a glove left at Jones' home to become familiar with the perpetrator's scent, according to the complaint. A crowbar was also found in the residence. 

The dog tracked the perpetrators from Jones' home to a location where her television was found.

The dog then also allegedly tracked the perpetrators to Mace's home. From there, the dog followed the scent to Chapman's and Gregg's home.

Mace was forced to fight off the pair of intruders when they attempted to enter his home a little after midnight on Feb. 28.

Mace, a retired elementary school principal, had returned to the area from a workshop with teachers in Nicholas County Thursday evening, he said. Before heading home to Pinch, he spent the evening with friends in Charleston.

He was relaxing on his sofa when he heard a knock at the door.

Mace said he was concerned because it was normally too late for anyone to visit. He peeked through the peephole on his front door to see who it was, he said.

He opened the door because he thought the pair resembled his surrogate grandchildren. He soon discovered his error when he noticed that the pair had scarves wrapped around their faces to hide their features, he said.

Mace immediately attempted to shut the door as the two tried to force their way in.

The pair shoved on the door so hard that it swung back and hit Mace in the head, causing lacerations.

The two also allegedly attempted to use a crowbar to force their way through the door.

Mace said he is still traumatized by the situation and is working to get a handle on his anxiety.

"It's going to take some time," he said.

Mace added that he was very hurt by the fact that he has known Chapman since the suspect was a young child. Chapman grew up in the same neighborhood where Mace lived. 

"I watched Aaron (Chapman) grow up," he said.

However, he did not know Givens.

Givens' bond was set at $25,000 cash. He is being housed at the South Central Regional Jail.Chapman is also still being in the South Central Regional Jail on $130,000 bond.         



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