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Police arrest seven after finding meth materials in home

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Police went to a home in South Charleston with a bench warrant for two people but instead arrested seven after finding materials to make meth.

South Charleston Patrolman S.W. Miller went to a home at 443 Forest Circle Wednesday morning to serve municipal court warrants on two people, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

Inside he found the residents, Melba Altizer, 54; Robert Altizer, 23; Marra Altizer, 23; and Kurtis Harris, 47. Danny Lockhart, 35; Lucas Lynch, 30; and James Adkins, 46, all of St. Albans also were in the house when police arrived.

Miller was given permission to search the home. The officer found a black bag hidden inside a grill. In the bag were empty bottles containing residue, matches, tubing and liquid Heet, which is a gas line anti-freeze. 

The officer found Coleman fuel in an upstairs bedroom and Drano and red phosphorus in another upstairs bedroom. A mason jar containing muriatic acid was found in the basement. One of the men had Aleve DS Sinus & Cold pills, which contain pseudoephedrine, in his pants pocket, police said.

Such items are used in the meth-making process.

All are being held at South Central Regional Jail on charges of operating a meth lab.


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