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Police say woman had pills, marijuana

A St. Albans woman arrested for possession of prescription painkillers also allegedly had marijuana while in jail, authorities say.

Sarah Theresa Withrow, 36, of South Washington Street, was arrested Monday after officers found pills in her makeup bag during a traffic stop.

St. Albans Patrolman B.J. Perry and D.F. Wyatt stopped a white Volkswagen Jetta heading south on Fairfield Street early Monday for an expired registration. Withrow was behind the wheel but seemed to be very excited and nervous, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

They asked her if they could search the car but she told them they couldn't because it wasn't her car. Officers then called for a drug dog.

Dunbar Lt. S.E. Elliot's police dog indicated on the driver and passenger side doors. A search of the vehicle turned up a bottle of Klonopin inside Withrow's purse, the complaint said. A friend in the vehicle also had Klonopin pills in her purse but told police Withrow gave them to her for her nerves.

She was arrested and charged with distribution of a controlled substance.

Withrow also was charged this week after allegedly having marijuana while jailed at South Central Regional Jail.

Trooper D.E. Gregory from the State Police detachment in South Charleston went to the jail in May to investigate after corrections officers reported an inmate with contraband in the facility. Corrections officers received information that inmates were smoking marijuana in their cells.

A strip search of Withrow revealed marijuana and rolling papers. She was charged in that case with introduction of contraband into jail.

She is being held at South Central Regional Jail on $10,000 bond. 


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