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Charleston police stop Ohio man transporting drugs through bus depot

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- No officers were injured after an Ohio man fleeing arrest on drug possession charges fired a shot at them near Charleston's Greyhound Bus station.

Detectives with Charleston's Special Enforcement Unit were conducting surveillance on the bus station Friday night, said Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives. Drugs are sometimes brought into the city through the bus depot.

Suspecting him of drug activity, detectives interviewed James Otis Herod III, 32, of Cleveland, at the bus depot, Cooper said.

"During the interview the suspect admitted to having drugs and actually handed over a bag of marijuana but at that point he dropped his duffel bag and fled out of the building and across the street toward Charleston Arbors," Cooper said.

Sgt. Bobby Eggleton, Detective Chris Cooper, Detective Brandon Burton and Cpl. James Howell and his canine partner chased after him. Lt. Steve Cooper said Herod fired one shot at the officers with a fully loaded 9-millimeter HiPoint handgun, which he then ditched.

None of the officers were hit and they did not return fire. The officers caught up to Herod. He was taken into custody.

Cooper said Herod is a convicted felon and drug dealer.

"They already had the drugs from him and he was going to be arrested," Cooper said. "Fortunately none of the officers were hurt."

Herod was charged with wanton endangerment and being a prohibited person with a gun. He also could be facing federal charges due to the fact that he is a convicted felon, had drugs and a handgun in his possession and also fired at police officers, Cooper said.

"It was great work that was done by our K-9 officer and our undercover detectives and it's a very dangerous job that we face on a regular basis," Cooper said. "We're very thankful that no one was injured."

Herod is being held at South Central Regional Jail. 


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