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Police say wanted man shot self in the crotch

A Detroit man with at least 14 aliases had a large amount of heroin on him when he arrived at a Charleston emergency room after possibly shooting off his own testicle.

Ladarean Duran Mixon, 23, will be arrested on felony possession of heroin with intent to deliver as soon as he is released from Charleston Area Medical Center's General Hospital, said Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives for the Charleston Police Department.

Kalvon Casdorph, 20, of Charleston and Lajaun Flood, 30, of Detroit, drove Mixon to the downtown hospital in a white Chevrolet Tahoe about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sgt. Tony Hazelett said.

Police said the men caused a disturbance in the emergency room waiting area but took off before security could get to them. Officers later found the pair had thrown a package of prescription pills onto the awning over the entrance, Cooper said.

Hospital staff took Mixon back into the emergency room to be treated. The bullet was found lodged in his leg, Hazelett said.

"The physical evidence that we have indicates to us that he has more than likely shot his own testicle off," Cooper said. "It's not uncommon for criminals to shoot themselves in the groin area.

"They get guns, they load them up with bullets, they're untrained and the next thing you know they've got a gunshot wound to the crotch."

The shooting possibly occurred in a vehicle, Cooper said. Detectives still are investigating the shooting.

Mixon had more problems, however, as police said he gave officers several different names and had drugs on him in the hospital.  

"When the victim was taken back into the ER a bag of heroin fell out of his pocket," Cooper said. "We're actually charging the victim with possession with intent to deliver heroin.

"He had given us the name Kalvon Cooper, when he initially was approached by detectives in the ER. He then changed that to Cortez Hooper, and then obviously we knew we had a problem with his identity."

Cooper said the man had 14 different names. Detectives took his fingerprints and found that his actual name was Mixon and that he was wanted out of Michigan for violating parole.

Mixon has numerous convictions for dealing drugs, robberies and home invasions, Cooper said. He said Mixon will be extradited back to Michigan but also faces serious charges here because of the heroin.

Cooper said that heroin has become a fairly large drug problem in the area and that police have seen numerous overdoses over the last several months. It wasn't something officers ever expected, he said.

Authorities have previously linked the rise in heroin usage to the change in the formulation of popular prescription painkillers, which made the drugs harder to abuse. But heroin usage also has grown as the price of prescription pills has risen. Cooper said heroin is cheaper than pills and easier to come by.

"As dangerous as pills are, we're having overdoses of heroin on a daily basis in the valley," Cooper said. "If our paramedics were not carrying Narcan with them we'd have a lot more deaths from heroin overdose.

"These drug dealers that are bringing heroin in are making a lot of money and they're just about killing a lot of people. So we're glad to get this guy off the street."

Cooper said drugs are cheaper in Detroit and that dealers are quadrupling their money by selling drugs in Charleston. The chief detective said officers here have a "pretty good grip" on the issue. The Detroit drug dealers know that and keep a low profile when they're in town, he said.

"This guy is going back where he belongs," Cooper said.

Detectives said Mixon is also a person of interest in a recent shooting. The lieutenant would not give any further information because it is an open investigation.

Two women, both of whom are from Bronx, N.Y., also would be charged with obstruction in the investigation. Cooper would not give their names Tuesday afternoon because they had not yet been arrested.

Patrol officers caught up with Casdorph and Flood a couple of blocks away from the hospital, Hazelett said.

Casdorph was wanted on a state capias and possession of an imitation substance. His bond is set at $312. Flood was arrested on simple possession of a controlled substance. His bond is set at $562. Both remained at South Central Regional Jail.

Cooper said Mixon remains at CAMC General and is expected to recover from his injuries. 

Writer Candace Nelson contributed to this report.

Contact writer Ashley B. Craig at or 304-348-4850.


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