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Special education aide allegedly had sex with students

State Police say a former Putnam County special education teacher's aide at Hurricane High School had a sexual relationship with at least three students.

Cpl. R.A. Phillips arrested David R. Gibson, 59, of Hurricane Tuesday after a woman came forward with claims he had assaulted her.

Sharon McCormick, a retired special education teacher, went to the Winfield detachment Aug. 22 with the victim to talk to troopers. The victim is 21 years old but has a mental handicap.

McCormick said she got involved after the young woman called and told her that Gibson had been making sexual advances after offering to help her when she moved out of her foster parents' Hurricane home, according to a complaint filed in Putnam Magistrate Court.

The victim had been living with foster parents but had recently moved out because of her age. Gibson allegedly offered to help her, the complaint said.

The young woman told troopers that when her foster parents told her she may have to move out of their home, Gibson offered to let her stay with him in his Hurricane Creek Road residence.

She said she stayed at the home for about a week and in that time Gibson tried several times to get her drunk or high. He also tried repeatedly to touch her during the stay, the complaint said.

She said Gibson got her to drink several cups of vodka and made her smoke marijuana then, she remembers, he had sex with her. She said she was not able to stop him because she was not fully conscious.

"The victim advised that she knew a little about sex but did not want to have sex with (Gibson)," Phillips wrote in the complaint. "She advised (Gibson) told her that if she ever told anyone he would kill her."

She called McCormick for help while Gibson was sleeping. The retired teacher picked the young woman up in a field on Hurricane Creek Road.

The victim described the inside of Gibson's home in detail and showed troopers a cell phone picture of a picture inside his home. The photograph showed her classmates' heads taped over naked pictures along with other pictures of Hurricane High School students, the complaint said.

A search of his home turned up child erotica and child pornography, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

McCormick told troopers that in the 15 years Gibson was her teacher's aide that there were incidents where she caught him locked in darkened classrooms with female students. She said she confronted him and reported the incidents to the principal.

Gibson told troopers during an interview that the victim had been a student of his for years and even though he was aware of her mental handicap, he did give her alcohol and drank it with her before having sex with her.

"(Gibson) advised that he knew what he did to the victim was wrong because of her mental handicap and her consuming alcohol," Phillips wrote.

Gibson also told troopers that he had sex with other students while working at the school. Troopers spoke to one of the victims who said she had sex with him at his home in 1996, when she was 16 years old.

The woman said he was very nice to her at school - he told her she was beautiful and flirted with her, the complaint said. She initially met him through his nephew, but ended up spending a lot of time at Gibson's house because he had a pool table and provided unlimited alcohol and marijuana.

She said he also had sex in the house with her friend, who was 15 at the time.

Troopers spoke to the friend, as well. She said she went to Gibson's house to party and that he would provide various alcoholic drinks to her and other students. She said he always had porn playing on the television in the home.

She said she had sex with him twice at the home, once with him and her friend. On both occasions she was very intoxicated, she said.

She told troopers that Gibson was very nice to her and that he provided their group with food, ATVs to ride and a place to hang out.

"(Gibson) would ask the students what they would like to drink and he would have it ready for them that weekend to party with," the complaint said. "(The victim) advised at the time she did not see anything wrong with what she was doing at the time but as she got older realized that what (Gibson) did to her was wrong but she was embarrassed to tell anyone."

Gibson told troopers the other girls were not his students but that he often interacted with them at the school. He said the girls came with other students to his home and that he gave them alcohol. He had sex with both girls, he said, though he had sex with the second girl at the request of the first girl, according to the complaint.

He told troopers he knew what he did was illegal.

Gibson has been charged with four counts of second-degree sexual assault, though more charges are pending as troopers still are investigating the child pornography found in his home.

He is being held at Western Regional Jail on $100,000 bond.

Contact writer Ashley B. Craig at or 304-348-4850.


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