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Second man pleads guilty to robbery and beating of elderly Pinch woman

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A second man pleaded guilty Monday to charges involving the brutal robbery and beating of an elderly Pinch woman earlier this year that left her with a brain injury. 

Casey Michael Givens, 21, waived indictment by a grand jury and entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. In July, Aaron E. Chapman, 22, did the same.

Prosecutors said both men broke into the home of Ramona Jones on Feb. 27, robbed her and beat her severely as she lay on her kitchen floor.

In entering their guilty pleas, both men blamed each other for the vicious beating.

Givens told Kanawha Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey, "Aaron came up with a plan that he wanted to go out and rob people. And I agreed to it."

He said both had been drinking for hours before the attack on Jones about midnight.

"We walked up to the door, it was unlocked," Givens said. "She was in the kitchen. Aaron took money off her and she went down to the ground.

"I grabbed the TV and went outside," Givens said. "Aaron was going through the rest of the house. It turned into a mess. I didn't think this was going to happen when I went up there."

Givens told the judge it was Chapman who beat Jones.

"He started kicking her face in," he said. "He got a knife out and held it to the woman's neck. I said, "Aaron...," and he got mad at me and said "I'm not going down for this because you said my name."

Givens said Chapman turned on and overturned a gas stove before fleeing the home, then Givens wiped everything down. Jones' daughter found her lying on the floor 12 hours later. 

At his plea hearing previously, Chapman put most of the blame on Givens. He said he did strike Jones, but could have prevented the beating by Givens.

Both men face a minimum of 12 years in prison for the brutal attack.

Assistant Prosecutor Dan Holstein said Jones, 74, was permanently injured that night.

"She had broken ribs, collapsed lungs, a broken clavicle, bruises all over her head and body, hematomas to the head and heart," Holstein said.

"She cannot swallow naturally and has to be suctioned with a machine or she will suffocate," he told the judge. "This changed the quality of her life permanently.

"She has to be fed through a tube, she can't read, she has a brain injury," he said.

The pair also attempted to rob Frank Mace of Pinch, but prosecutors agreed to drop those charges in exchange for their guilty pleas.  Both Mace and Jones are neighbors of the young men.

Givens will be sentenced in November. Chapman is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

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